7 Times Red Velvet’s Wendy Was So Extra, Her Members Didn’t Know What To Do

She’s just too much!

Red Velvet‘s Wendy has a super fun and outgoing personality. She is really good at telling jokes and often surprises her members with her unforeseen comedy acts. Here are 7 times that Wendy was just too extra, even for her fellow members!


1. Making Sure He Eats

When Red Velvet appeared as guests on Knowing Brothers, Wendy showed some of her playful personality. When Super Junior‘s Heechul pretended to eat a stuffed bun, Wendy came up to him and made sure that he really did eat it!


2. Heart Racing

When the silly dances did nothing to increase Heechul’s heart rate on Weekly Idol, Wendy stopped and did some unintended aegyo. Her antics had everyone in the studio in a fit of giggles!


3. Piano Power

When Seulgi and Wendy push a piano down a staircase in “Russian Roulette”, Wendy admitted that she imagined the members were on the other end of the staircase. Her confession surprised the other members, making Wendy try and quickly backtrack!


4. Economy Class

Wendy did an amazing impression of Seulgi on Yaman TV that had everyone bent over in laughter!


5. Stocking Disaster

There’s no doubt that Wendy is often unintentionally funny! One time on Weekly Idol, she got her ring stuck in her tights. Everyone in the studio was amazed and couldn’t help but laugh at the absurdity of the situation!


6. Word Play

On an episode of Level Up Project, Wendy and Seulgi decided to play a word game. Wendy got a bit tongue-tied when she tried to make some puns and ended up with a hilarious version instead!


7. WHAT!

With one simple word on an episode of Yaman TV, Wendy showed her great comedic skills!

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