7 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Flaunted Her Iconic Visuals In Photoshoots

Photoshoot queen comin’ through!

TWICE is known to be a visual girl group, and their center Nayeon is every bit a showstopper visual as the rest of her members!

Over the years, Nayeon has delivered some stunning visuals in photoshoots, and here are the top 7 photoshoots where her beauty absolutely shined!

1. This Cosmpolitan Shoot Where Nayeon Gave Off Bright, Summer Vibes

Nayeon was a perfect summer beauty in this Cosmopolitan photoshoot!

Her outfits are a great combination of chic and casual, and she slayed in every photo from the shoot!

2. Nayeon’s Nylon Korea Shoot Captured Her Refreshing Image Perfectly!

In this Nylon Korea photoshoot, her refreshing charm was perfectly captured once again!

From closeups to long shots, her bright visuals are gorgeous in every one! Who wouldn’t fall for a beauty like this?!

3. Another Cosmopolitan Shoto Where Nayeon Gave Off CEO Vibes In Suits

Nayeon shot another Cosmopolitan pictorial in November 2020, where she gave off total CEO vibes!

Unlike her previosu pictorial, Nayeon donned suits this time, and gave off a mature, more serious feel in this photoshoot!

4. Her Sporty Visuals Are Top-Notch In This MLB x TWICE Photoshoot!

Back in 2017, TWICE collaborated with MLB, and the Nayeon was a whole sporty queen in this shoot!

With hats as an accessory, her visuals were a perfect fit for the sporty concept, and she killed it!

5. Nayeon Is A Luxurious Queen In This W Korea Photoshoot

Nayeon recently shot a pictorial for the April issue of W Korea, and was a whole expensive mood in this shoot!

With her long hair in twin pigtails, she wore Louis Vuitton from head to toe, and was a badass queen posing on a flower-adorned motorcycle!

6. She’s Perfection Personified In This Harper’s Bazaar Photoshoot

TWICE had a group photoshoot with Harper’s Bazaar in 2020, and Nayeon floored everyone with her visuals!

From her outfit to her chic expressions, she was a whole star in that pictorial!

7. And Last But Not Least, All Of Her Gorgeous Solo Shots For TWICE’s Comebacks!

TWICE has released tons of songs over their almost 6 year career, and Nayeon has just gotten prettier and prettier with every comeback! From their “Cheer Up” days…

…to their “Likey” era….

| JYP Entertainment

…their “Fancy” comeback…

…and now their “Alcohol-Free” era, she’s brought her fresh charm with her each time!