7 Times TXT’s Taehyun Made Everyone Believe Magic Was Real

If Beomgyu and Yeonjun were amazed, his skills are real.

TXT‘s Taehyun wanted to be a wizard when he was younger. To accomplish his goal, he learned more than enough tricks to live up to the title. Here are seven times he amazed everyone with his skills. Prepare for the magical.

1. Fade To White

During a fan signing, Taehyun decided to do a quick trick for a fan. He took the MOA’s photo and flicked it. In the blink of an eye, the photo turned completely white.

2. Sleight Of Hand

Even when he isn’t doing a magic trick, Taehyun still manages to show off his skills. The quickness and ease he’s able to flip the cards in each hand and toss them from one to the other plays a trick on the eyes.

3. Now You See It. Now You Don’t.

While holding what looks like a pen, Taehyun moved both of his hands and it disappeared into thin air. Since a pen is long and solid, it could be a difficult object to make disappear right in front of someone’s eyes. Somehow, he managed to do it with ease.

4. Finding Jung Hyung Don’s Card

During TXT’s appearance on Idol Room, Taehyun couldn’t forget to perform a magic trick to blow the hosts’ minds. He had Jung Hyung Don pick a card, the eight of hearts, and then insert it back into the deck. After shuffling it, Taehyun effortlessly plucked out the card. Defconn, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Jung Hyung Don were all shook.

5. Stealing The Spotlight

During a clip of OneDream.TXT, Soobin was preparing to jump into a discussion when Taehyun stole the spotlight with his magic trick. While standing behind him, Taehyun made the Metro card disappear right before everyone’s eyes, just like he had with the pen at the fan signing.

6. The Classic Hat Trick

During their appearance on Idol Radio, Taehyun went back to the basics with the old hat trick. With a long bag, he reached his hand through to show that it was absolutely empty. He even shook his hand with Beomgyu’s as a funny way to prove it. Afterward, he reached inside and pulled out a fake dove.

7. Uncrossed Or Crossed

In one of TXT’s T:Time clips, Taehyun uncrossed fingers that looked to be impossibly locked together. It happened so fast and easily that the rest of his members wanted to give it a try too. Hueningkai was able to catch on but Soobin just couldn’t get it.

Taehyun’s magic tricks are so magical that MOAs have even tried to watch them in slow motion to figure out how he does them. No matter how hard they try, they still haven’t figured them out.

It seems like Taehyun really is a wizard. See more of his tricks here.