7 Times TXT’s Yeonjun Melted MOAs Hearts With His Cute Charm In His Latest Broadcast

He’s just melting hearts left and right.

We all know that behind his seemingly intimidating outward appearance, TXT‘s Yeonjun is just a sweet boy filled with a deadly cute charm that MOAs are all too familiar with. Here are seven moments of his natural cuteness in his latest live broadcast that will melt your heart:


1. 1:1 with Yeonjun

It’s just MOA and Yeonjun, Yeonjun and MOA.

2. Sharing his glasses

He never hesitates to share and do what MOA ask of him.

3. Hugs all around

Don’t mind me as I hug my screen…


His outfit introduction is so cute and sweet!

5. OOTD soft tofu version

Whoever said he looks like soft tofu…well now I can’t unsee it.

6. Willingly doing what MOA ask for

Seriously, he doesn’t hesitate in being cute in front of MOAs.

7. His winks

He’s so serious about learning how to properly wink it’s adorable.



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