7 Times YG Artists Wore Handmade Accessories And You Didn’t Notice

These handmade accessories show off the unique talents of YG Entertainment’s stylists.

YG Entertainment stylists are known in the industry for their innovation when it comes to creating unique outfits for performances and MVs. Recently, BLACKPINK‘s hairstyles have gained attention for some pretty interesting accessory choices – and there’s a long tradition of YG Entertainment artists rocking handmade details that add special touches to their performances – but they’re so small you may have missed them!


1. Lisa’s paperclip crown

During a recent performance of “Forever Young”, netizens noticed afterwards that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa wore a crown of paperclips in her hair. Talk about repurposing everyday items!


2. 2NE1’s rings

2NE1‘s edgy fashion was one of their trademarks, and their stylist Yang Seung Ho was known to have a lot of their accessories, including hairpins, chokers and rings, handmade for the girls. With many of their hair wraps and rings made of simple materials like cloth and cotton, he made their accessories simple but super unique!


3. Jisoo’s clothing pin braid

Before Lisa wore paper clips, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo braided her hair with clothing pins for an edgy look during a “DU-DUU DU-DUU” performance, leading to some mixed netizen reactions. Some thought the accessory was too dangerous, while others loved the innovative idea.


4. G-Dragon’s fake eyelashes

Image: YG Entertainment

For BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby” MV, YG stylists thought outside the box when they glued fake eyelashes to G-Dragon‘s lips for this iconic concept. Who would have thought?


5. Jisoo’s Flower Belt

When BLACKPINK showed up to the 31st Golden Disc Awards last year, Jisoo was wearing a belt her stylists had made specifically for her using colorful flower ornaments glued to a black band.


6. Jennie’s lined band

BLACKPINK’s stylist shared a picture on social media of some belts being made, including Jisoo’s flower belt for the 31st Golden Disc Awards, and the makings of Jennie‘s belt for the performance, too – another easy to make item with a beautiful result.


7. Jennie’s bling band

Another belt handmade for BLACKPINK’s Jennie, this one worn during a stylish but more casual performance earlier this year. Cute dangling charms around her waist add that little bit of extra detail that makes YG artists really shine!

Source: Pann Nate