7 Tough and Buff Male K-Pop Fans Who Destroy The K-Pop Fan Stereotype

These male K-Pop enthusiasts aren’t the “typical” K-Pop fans.

While it’s a fact that the K-Pop fandom primarily consists of females, there is a strong portion of male fans, and that number is continuing to grow as K-Pop spreads across the world. However, male K-Pop fans sometimes face criticism for enjoying K-Pop music, as it goes against the traditional view of “masculinity”. Especially for male fans of male idols – while many male K-Pop fans may face stigma for listening to “girly” music, at least the female girl groups are “sexy”; listening to and stanning boy groups as a male could get you labelled “gay”.

According to fans around the world, the misconception that K-Pop is only for girls and gay men is widespread – but the below male K-Pop fans are helping to subvert these stereotypes and stigmas. These tough-looking male fans fit into no “category”, and they are proud of it!


1. “Taeyang Oppa”

This buff fan famously got the words “Taeyang oppa” tattooed on his arm to show his love for BIGBANG‘s Taeyang!


2. “Marry me Jungkook”

This muscle man showed off his unique shirt – and love for BTS‘s Jungkook – at a event in America.



3. “Thug tears”

These American male fans could not believe that all the BIGBANG members touched them – but not only that, Taeyang recognized Youtuber JREKML and said “this guy is famous” and JREKML almost started crying, freezing the camera with “thug tears”!


4. J-Hope merch

At the same event, another man, who wore his love for BTS’s J-Hope on his head proudly, was interviewed by local news about his love of the K-Pop group.


5. “This is too much”

JoseOchoaTV is a massive fan of BTS, with more than 200,000 Youtube subscribers. His reaction videos are enthusiastic!


6. J-Cena

John Cena is a self-professed ARMY and especially supports J-Hope—he even once posted this image to his Instagram without explanation!


7. Xiumin love

This Xiumin fan looks perfectly happy to be the odd one out, surrounded by female EXO fans!