7 TWICE Fashion Ideas That Are Perfect For Spring

These fashion goddess win at Spring.

The TWICE ladies are known for their on-point fashion and with Spring beginning to bloom why shouldn’t we use some of their outfits for a little inspiration?

1. Bright and loud

Image: Mozzi House

Spring means flowers, bright colors and patterns, and Momo‘s soft green-and-white striped dress hits all of the above. The clenched waist casts a feminine silhouette that would flatter a variety of body shapes, and topped with a sparkly headband it’s a cute and bright look perfect for those cherry blossom days.


2. Dress it up

This black and white number is flirty with just the right amount of class, and the ruffled sleeves give it a fun vibe! Sana wore the outfit to the 26th Seoul Music Awards and while she dressed it up with some stunning jewelry and those complimentary black heels, it could be modified to make it a more casual day look with some simple black flats and stud earrings. But as it is, this outfit is a potential date stunner!


3. Office chic

Image: Stars in your eyes

Jihyo is known for her love of jackets that hang straight down to her knees, but this is one exception, with a more fitted bodice emphasized by the large buttons. Spring can sometimes still be chilly so this outfit is perfect for one of those crisp mornings heading to the office. It’s sophisticated and classy, with just enough detail in the shoes and jacket to make it interesting, so why not wear it straight to dinner?


4. Cute and casual

Mina gave the boring jeans and converse look a makeover by pairing it with a fitted leather jacket and lovely red long-sleeved shirt that gives the outfit a Spring color pop. Super casual but looking fresh!


5. Innocent shapes

Image: Thanks a lot

Nayeon looks the picture of innocence in this heart-cut shirt and skirt ensemble. It’s simple but screams Spring with the addition of the mesh heart and the bright color paired with a dark block color. The stripes on the skirt help to bring the eye towards Nayeon’s long legs and the short cut of the top emphasizes her small waist. The earrings add a little something extra!


6. A dash of flair

Image: Sana’s Shiba

Although this particular shirt is a bit specialized (it reads the names of the TWICE members), any white or light-colored print shirt with some colorful words would fit this look! Denim jeans are in this season, and combined with some cute, unique jewelry – check out Sana‘s heart-shaped choker! – and a headband with a bit of extra flair and color, this outfit is just on the edge of edgy and aegyo!


7. Tartan goddess

Image: Takeajihyo

Color and pattern with a bit of bling defines this outfit worn by Jihyo at a recent fan meeting. The colors in the skirt and shirt compliment each other perfectly, and the mis-matched skirt hem adds a dash of extra interest. Check out the pearl buttons, and if you look closely you can see a bit of extra glitter on the shoulders. Combined with some shining heart earrings, it’s a perfect balance of Spring – color, pattern, bling and beauty!