7 Unbelievable Idol Archery Shots That Broke The Bullseye Camera Lens

Olympic archers, watch out—these 7 K-Pop idols could give you a run for your money.

During archery tournaments at the MBC Idol Star Athletics Championships, the crew always set up a camera in the dead center of the target to capture the action. But a few talented idols are so good at archery, they’ve actually managed to break the camera lenses with their “perfect gold” bullseye shots!


1. Red Velvet’s Irene

One of ISAC’s most memorable camera-breaking moments was Red Velvet’s Irene’s perfect 10 shot in 2018.

Feeling confident that none of the idols were up to par that day, MC Jun Hyunmoo made the mistake of promising to buy fried chicken for everyone in attendance if anyone could break the lens.

Just another day for archery pro Irene, who shattered the bullseye lens with ease, leading the crowd to break out in a chorus of cheers for a dismayed Jun Hyunmoo.

The craziest part? Irene has admitted that she doesn’t even eat chicken! She hit the lens just to feed her fellow idols a tasty meal.



2. Seventeen’s DK

In 2019, Seventeen’s DK scored so many 10s that the MCs joked the group should change their name to SevenTEN instead.

DK wowed the crowds with four straight 10s in a row, but the most impressive of all of them was when he broke the camera lens.


3. EXID’s Jeonghwa

Jeonghwa was well known as an archery pro in the years when EXID competed at ISAC.

She may have been used to scoring 10s, but she got quite the surprise in 2015 when she shot her arrow at the lens at the target—only for it to promptly drop to the ground.

But when the crew pulled up the camera footage, they discovered what had happened. Jeongwha’s shot was so precise that it hit the camera lens and bounced off again!

She may not have broken the camera that time, but she would’ve with a sharper arrow.


4. MonstaX’s Kihyun

Another iconic camera-breaking shot came from MonstaX member Kihyun in 2019.

TWICE’s Sana was amazed to witness the mind-blowing shot in person!

When the crowd started screaming and cheering, Seventeen’s Vernon (Kihyun’s opponent), almost thought Kihyun missed the target!


5. EXID’s Hyelin

EXID is full of archers-in-the-making! Alongside Jeonghwa, Hyelin has also managed a rare camera-hitting shot.

Hyelin was just as confused in 2015 when her arrow disappeared after hitting the target, until the crew confirmed that it had rebounded off the camera.

Just like Jeonghwa, Hyelin didn’t quite break the lens when she hit it. The ISAC staff must have made the arrows sharper in recent years!


6. Seventeen’s Vernon

Seventeen is another group with members who are worthy of Olympic archery tournaments. Vernon may have lost to Kihyun in 2019, but he got his own camera-breaking shot in 2017.

At first, he and his members were confused. But when the perfect 10 was confirmed, Vernon cracked an adorable smile.


7. GFriend’s Umji

The bullseye shot GFriend’s Umji hit in 2016 earned her the title of “Archery Fairy” for the year.

Opponents Mamamoo were no match against Umji as her arrow shot straight to the camera lens in the 6th round.

The lens didn’t quite break, but the shot was so impressive that the crew had to go over and check the camera for damage.