7 Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunctions Of BLACKPINK

They handled it so well!

Wardrobe malfunctions are very unfortunate and stir up anger among fans because of the carelessness of the stylists, and especially of the embarrassment the idol has to feel! There are times when wardrobe malfunctions aren’t too extreme, where fans feel amazed at how their idols handle the mishap, but there are also moments when they get too embarrassing for the idols!

BLACKPINK for one has experienced multiple wardrobe malfunctions while performing on stage, and although the members have handled it well, the malfunction remains unfortunate. Here are 7 unfortunate wardrobe malfunctions of BLACKPINK!

1. Rosé’s top

While performing on stage, Rosé‘s top suddenly opened at the back! But it didn’t stop her from performing and giving her best on stage!

2. Jennie’s jacket

During one of BLACKPINK’s performance at one of their concert stops, Jennie‘s encountered a wardrobe malfunction when her jacket got damaged while dancing on stage! But Jennie handled the situation with grace,, and Rosé even applauded her for it! She also told fans to delete any videos they have of the wardrobe malfunction that happened!

3. Jennie’s dress

Another wardrobe malfunction Jennie experienced was when her dress was being pulled up, and because it was a short dress, she had to protect herself to keep things from showing itself. Sweet Lisa also helped out her unnie!

4. Lisa’s pants accessories

While Lisa was performing the chain hanging on her pants fell, making it reach the floor! She could’ve fell if she accidentally stepped on it, but Lisa remained careful as she danced powerfully!

5. Jisoo’s top

While Jisoo was happily dancing on stage, the button of her top suddenly popped open! Like any other member, she handled the situation well and professionally!

6. Rosé’s skirt

Rosé’s skirt ripped while giving her all on stage! The damage is barely noticeable, but either way, Rosé definitely handled it naturally!

7. Jisoo’s sleeve

Although barely noticeable, Jisoo’s top ripped while she was performing for fans on stage! Jisoo must be so powerful in dancing, and is truly a hidden main dancer!