7 Variety Show Couples That Viewers Are Dying To See Become Reality

These couples have gained so much popularity that viewers hope their love would continue to grow off camera!

1. Kim Jong Kook & Hong Jin Young

Kim Jong Kook and Hong Jin Young have a love line on Running Man that is backed by numerous shippers! With Hong Jin Young’s abundant aegyo and Kim Jong Kook’s reliable personality, the two seem like the perfect match for each other!

Not only are they close enough to blow into each other’s eyes when something gets in them (causing the Running Man members to assume they were kissing).

…they are so natural with each other that no one would doubt it if someone said they were a married couple!

In fact, Kim Jong Kook has previously revealed that Hong Jin Young was the closest to his ideal type among the other Running Man female members, so it looks like there is hope that this love line could become a reality!


2. Lee Kwang Soo & Lee Da Hee

Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Da Hee also have an irresistible love line going on with their tall and slim figures making them the perfect visual couple!

The way they continuously bicker like an old married couple is absolutely adorable and makes them look like a real couple.

Fans hope that their cute bickering may eventually help their love line develop into a real love story!


3. GOT7’s Jackson & Heo Youngji

While the lovely Roommate couple didn’t get off to a perfect start…

…they eventually grew on each other and began making sweet gestures to show that they care, winning over the hearts of viewers watching them.

The two youngest Roommate members even got protective over each other and were so cute together that they remain one of the couples viewers want to see become a reality to this day!


4. Red Velvet’s Joy & BTOB’s Sungjae

Having gotten “married” at such a young age, Joy and Sungjae may be the most innocent and adorable couple yet!

With matching smiles that have the power of lifting anyone’s mood, they are also the ultimate visual couple as well.

By the looks of the numerous selfies in which they both look extremely happy, viewers have long thought that they could truly be in love with each other.

Their lovey-dovey moments have made the one of the legendary We Got Married couples of all time!


5. Lee Sang Min & Sayuri

Since their appearance on With You, the television program that shows the lives of couples in late marriages, viewers have been cheering Lee Sang Min and Sayuri on for their incredible chemistry.

Due to their popularity, their love line continues to exist even after the program was over through My Little Old Boy where Sayuri’s parents have even expressed their support for the couple by called Lee Sang Min their son-in-law! Lee Sang Min was invited over to Sayuri’s parent’s home where they enjoyed a delicious meal of sukiyaki together.

With such a great relationship and even support from both of their parents, viewers wish they would just start dating already!


6. Park Na Rae & Kian84

Park Na Rae and Kian84 have created a fun and easy-to-watch love line on the program I Live Alone.

Their humorous personalities and sensible jokes have won them the favor of the audience. In an episode, the other I Live Alone members teased Kian84’s new apartment claiming that it looks vaguely similar to Park Na Rae’s home!

Their popularity has even won them the Best Couple Award at the 2018 MBC Entertainment Awards where Kian84 gave Park Na Rae a kiss on the forehead to celebrate the moment!


7. Yoon Jung Soo & Kim Sook

Yoon Jung Soo and Kim Sook is another couple from With You that was greatly supported by viewers. Rather than appealing with a lovely and romantic chemistry, the pair warmed the hearts of the audience with their deep friendship and loyalty towards each other.

They may be one of the most realistic-looking pairs among television love lines with two being comfortable enough to hang out with each other’s families. In one episode, Kim Sook even made the gesture of giving Yoon Jung Soo’s uncle and aunt an allowance from her own pocket after an exciting game of Korean cards. She also received a large package of homemade kimchi from Yoon Jung Soo’s aunt like real family members.

Even their friends like Park Soo Hong have expressed their hopes that the two would continue to develop their relationship without the eyes of the camera!


Bonus: Jun Hyun Moo & Han Hye Jin

The love line of these two lovebirds actually came true! Their love line began on I Live Alone when they went on an intimate hike together.

After publicly announcing their relationship, they came out on I Live Alone and shared the behind story of their relationship. In a video call to Henry, Jun Hyun Moo introduced Han Hye Jin as his girlfriend causing the other hosts to jump up and down in embarrassment.

Jun Hyun Moo and Han Hye Jin’s relationship ultimately did not last, and after their break up, both of them ended up leaving the show.