7 Wardrobe Pieces You Need To Dress Like “Human Chanel” Jennie Without Going Broke

Here’s how to rock Jennie’s signature style on a budget.

Jennie isn’t known as “Human Chanel” for nothing. The luxury brand endorser often steps out for even the simplest of events in outfits worth thousands of dollars. Thankfully, you can rock the same look for a fraction of the cost. Here are 7 key clothing items you’ll need to start following in the footsteps of the “Jensetter”.

1. Crop tops

Without a doubt, crop tops are one of the biggest staples in Jennie’s wardrobe. Luckily, they’re also very affordable—sometimes even cheaper than regular t-shirts.

If you want to look like Jennie, try to pick up crop tops in a variety of colors and styles. From long-sleeved wrap crop tops to tight, collared crop tops, Jennie rocks them all.

2. Tweed jacket

Tweed suits have been one of Chanel’s most iconic pieces since Coco Chanel herself introduced them in the 1920s. Even after 100 years, they’re still one of the brand’s main symbols—and Jennie looks amazing in them.

A designer tweed jacket can cost thousands of dollars, but these days, everyday brands make them in a huge range of colors. If you want to go full Jennie style, look for pastel colors like baby blue and pale pink.

3. Co-ords

On the subject of tweed, notice how Jennie usually wears her tweed jackets paired with a matching skirt or matching pants? Co-ords (two clothing pieces in matching colors and fabrics) are always a major feature of her wardrobe.

A matching skirt and jacket or top in any style and fabric will definitely help you serve Jennie vibes.

4. Tennis skirt

“Human Chanel” Jennie looks like she came straight from a fancy country club when she takes to the stage in a tennis skirt. The pleats bring a youthful feel to any outfit she wears.

Jennie has worn tennis skirts in a huge range of colors and patterns, but if you’re trying to save money and closet space, black and white are you best bets. They’ll pair great with any of the crop tops you’ve picked out.

5. Statement cardigan

In the past, cardigans have been considered frumpy and more about comfort than style. But Jennie is changing the game with her statement cardigans, which are often the highlight of her outfits.

Think like Jennie would and go with a bold color or cut. The best part about these cardigans is how versatile they are. Sometimes, Jennie will pair a lime cream cardigan with tartan pants to really make an impression. Other times, she’ll use a fun cardigan to brighten up a simple jeans and t-shirt look.

6. Small bag

Carrying a big handbag can definitely be convenient, but it’s not what Jennie would do. If you want to steal her style, downsize the amount of belongings you take out with you and switch to a smaller bag.

The style is up to you. From clutches to mini backpacks, Jennie loves each and every tiny bag equally.

7. Wide-leg jeans

Slim-fit jeans have been all the rage for as long as most people can remember, but these days Jennie is popularizing the wide-leg style. High-waisted jeans with a wide cut can be super flattering, making your waist look smaller and legs look longer.

Jennie usually wears hers in a light blue shade along with a statement top to catch the eye.