The 7 Key Wardrobe Pieces You Need To Dress Like Red Velvet’s Seulgi On A Budget

You don’t have to rock Gucci and Prada to dress like Seulgi.

There’s no doubt that Red Velvet’s Seulgi has that effortlessly cool sense of style that everyone envies. Of course, even though she’s often seen stepping out in luxury brands that are way out of your budget, there are still ways to rock a similar look without the high cost. Add these 7 clothing items to your closet, and you’ll be able to put together Seulgi-style outfits in no time.

1. Blazers

Seulgi is constantly wearing blazers over her outfits, so if you want to dress like her, you’ll need to pick up one or two of your own.

A black or neutral blazer will look perfectly Seulgi-like and go with any outfit you choose.

2. Boyfriend jeans

One key feature of Seulgi’s fashion is that it’s often androgynous. She keeps up that theme by wearing boyfriend-cut jeans often.

These loose fit jeans suit all body types and they’re perfect for the upcoming warm weather.

3. Converse

Since Seulgi is a model for Converse shoes, it’s no surprise she wears them everywhere.

Any style or color of Converse will work for your Seulgi-style wardrobe since she’s rocked them all.

4. Leather jacket

When she’s not wearing a blazer, Seulgi often completes her outfit with a leather jacket.

The best part about leather jackets is that they can be dressed up or down no matter what the occasion is.

5. Striped shirt

Horizontal stripes don’t work for everyone, but they certainly look amazing on Seulgi.

If you want to look just like her, opt for long-sleeved tee or rugby shirt with thick, boldly contrasting stripes.

6. Bucket hat

Seulgi has been rocking cute and comfortable bucket hats at the airport for years.

She often opts for neutral colors like black and white, but occasionally she’ll show out in a unique print.

7. Patterned shirt

When Seulgi wears button-up shirts and blouses, they often feature bold patterns.

Whether it’s leopard print or mismatched stripes, she’s never afraid to be a little out there.

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