7 Easy Ways To Appear More Attractive, That K-Pop Idols Use

Here’s what idols do to always look so good.

1. Skincare

The first step to looking like an idol is beautifully clean skin! Korean idols all have a perfect complexion that makes them shine! Try out any of Korea’s famous skincare brands!


2. Hairstyle

You can choose to follow a trend, but the best option would be to get a hairstyle that matches the shape and size of your face. If you’re unsure, you can ask a professional at a salon.


3. Keep things light

Natural-looking makeup is the trend in Korea, inspired by idols who wear very little or very natural-looking makeup.


4. Keep things fitted

The most important thing when shopping for clothes is getting the right fit that accentuates your body.


5. Exercise

Fitness is important for K-Pop idols! They dance and exercise daily to maintain their perfect figures. Hit the gym or exercise at home to get that S-Line, or muscular figure that idols are famous for!


6. Eyebrows

The way eyebrows are shaped make a big difference! K-Pop idols have straight eyebrows because it softens one’s expressions and gives a youthful look.


7. Dance

It may seem like idols were born with swag, but you’d be surprised how a little dance practice can change you! Everything from your posture, to your walk, to your confidence can be influenced by dance!