7 Reasons Why NCT’s Taeyong Can Rightfully Claim His Main Dancer Status

He’s just a really good dancer.

NCT‘s Taeyong continues to impress fans and non-fans alike with his all-rounder capabilities. Recently on the Heyday YouTube channel, professional dancers reviewed Taeyong’s fancams. According to these dancers, here are seven reasons Taeyong can rightfully claim his main dancer status.

1. His neck movement

Taeyong is able to move his neck carefully and precisely. It’s an important part of why he’s such a great overall dancer.

2. His extreme core strength

Taeyong wouldn’t be able to move like he does without a super strong core! His core strength aids his entire movement, allowing him to maintain balance while dancing.

3. His impressive isolation

Taeyong is able to isolate each part of his body, while keeping power in each individual movement.

4. His strong hips

NCT’s choreography often puts the focus on pelvic thrusts. Taeyong has no problem making this movement as powerful as can be.

5. His smooth and powerful duality

If anyone knows how to keep strength while dancing but also maintain silky smoothness, it’s Taeyong. He’s easily shows his power even when completing smooth movement.

6. Delicate hands

Taeyong doesn’t forget anything! His hands are just as integral to the performance as the rest of his body.

7. He’s basically an animation character

Lastly, Taeyong looks like the sexiest, but also cutest, of animation characters. His strong visual is a lasting reminder of any NCT performance that he’s in.



Source: 헤이데이 Heyday