These 7 “The World of The Married” Product Placements Played Out So Smoothly… Viewers Had No Clue

So… Is that a marketing win or fail…? 😂

K-Drama fans know: In the world of K-Dramas, product placements are inevitable. Like, the production costs have to be covered somehow, right?

Normally though, this embedded marketing tactic (especially when done ineffectively) is thought to play a detrimental effect on the series, breaking the vibe and the flow of the episodes for the viewers. When excessive, it immediately sparks viewer criticism and can eventually impact the viewer rating of the show. The World of The Married, however, managed to blend its sponsored product placements right into the storytelling — and viewers are praising the production team for making the advertisements seem natural and subtle.

Here are 7 product placements from The World of The Married that played out so smoothly… that viewers could barely notice!

1. This Lip Balm

As critical as this scene had been to the entirety of The World of The Married, it is actually built on product placement. The lip balm which falls from actor Park Hae Joon‘s coat pocket for actress Kim Hee Ae to pick up — and eventually leads to her suspicion of his infidelity — is actually a sponsored product by Siero Cosmetic.

This plumping lip balm is the brand’s steady-seller, for its moisturizing and tinting effects!

2. This Wine

Throughout the series, The World of The Married characters drink a lot of wine. Viewers didn’t think to question these moments though — as some wine-drinking seemed fitting every time. These wines, however, are actually product placements.

This particular wine, Chateau Maison Blanche, has since been nicknamed “Kim Hee Ae Wine” and sold out in many wineries around Korea.

3. This Jewelry Brand

In the final episode, Kim Hee Ae wows the viewers wearing this necklace. In fact, not only in this particular scene, but throughout the series, Kim Hee Ae is constantly pictured dressing herself up in jewelry. Considering that her character is a well-off doctor though, these fancy pieces of accessories do not seem excessive or out-of-place.

Only after the show’s grand finale, it was revealed that Tiffany & Co. had sponsored the $150K necklace!

4. This Hair Care Brand

Here’s one of the least predictable product placements from The World of The Married: This dramatic scene, right after Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon passionately reunite, actually features embedded marketing too.

Though briefly, viewers are actually exposed to a hair care brand. Marked by its unique packaging, HEADSPA7 is a Kim Hee Ae-endorsed hair treatment product for dry and damaged hair!

5. This Tteokbokki Franchise

If this scene between actor Kim Young Min and actress Park Sun Young seemed like an innocent tteokbokki dinner mukbang, think again.

Mafia Tteokbokki franchise, known for its “spiciest tteokbokki in Korea” is a proud sponsor of The World of The Married.

6. This Coffee Machine

In almost every breakfast-time scene set in the kitchen, Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon drink coffee. That sat okay with the viewers because yes, stressed humans need coffee in the morning. And while a bit more obvious than others…

…this product placement for Nespresso‘s Vertuo coffee machine has been done subtly and naturally, that it became “the perfect example of how to do embedded marketing without frustrating the viewers.”

7. This Piece of Furniture

This most shocking scene, which left the viewers screaming for days, actually also includes a product placement like no other. Say, what better way to sell a couch than to show it being used to its maximum potential?

In fact, post The World of The MarriedEmons Furniture witnessed a spike in the demand for the Luciano model of their couch collection. In an interview, an Emons representative commented, “People are asking for the Kim Hee Ae couch.”