6 Years Of BTS’s Valentine’s Day Tweets To Distract You From Singlehood

Most people have one Valentine, but ARMYs have 7 ❤️

Feeling lonely this Valentine’s Day? Of course not—BTS would never let that happen to ARMYs! Here are 6 years’ worth of Valentine’s tweets from the Bangtan boys to take your mind off singlehood.

1. Valentine’s Day 2013

The BTS members were hard at work on Valentine’s Day in 2013. With their official debut just months away, they had a lot to rehearse. But that didn’t stop RM from preparing a gift for early fans.

Happy happy Valentine’s day. Even on Valentine’s Day and White Day, we’ll practice without making a fuss ahaha

— @BTS_twt

On Valentine’s Day 2013, RM released “Expensive Girl” as a gift to ARMY. The song was actually a cover of Pharrell’s “Take It Off (Dim the Lights).

2. Valentine’s Day 2014

2014 is the Valentine’s Day most ARMYs remember best, since it’s the one when the boys spammed fans with their own takes on the “I wanna be your oppa” line in “Boy in Luv”.

I wanna be your oppa

— Jimin on @BTS_twt

I wanna be your evil

— RM on @BTS_twt

I wanna be your chocolate pig

— Jin on @BTS_twt

“I wanna be your brownie”

— Suga on @BTS_twt

I wanna be your baby

— J-Hope on @BTS_twt

I wanna be your devil

— V on @BTS_twt

I wanna be your man

— Jungkook on @BTS_twt

3. Valentine’s Day 2015

BTS has fans across the gender spectrum, and Jimin was sure to make fanboys feel included on Valentine’s Day in 2015.

Today is Valentine’s Day.
Only male fans are allow to see this. Female fans, you can’t look.

— Jimin on @BTS_twt

ARMY ♥ Taehyung

— The writing in the second picture on @BTS_twt

4. Valentine’s Day 2016

Funny, hot, or both? ARMYs didn’t know what to make of BTS’s 2016 Valentine’s Day Twitter update.

Jin-on-the-street sexy dance

— @BTS_twt

5. Valentine’s Day 2017

BTS didn’t give fans any specific Valentine’s Day messages in 2017, but V, Jimin, and Jungkook did make sure to upload some cute snaps to make lonesome ARMYs happy.

Don’t forget to watch Hwarang!!!!!

— V on @BTS_twt

6. Valentine’s Day 2019

After skipping Valentine’s Day on Twitter in 2018, the members made sure to greet ARMYs with love from the 2019 GRAMMY Awards the next year.

This is a video gift that’s like Valentine’s Day chocolate kekeke

— @BTS_twt