8 Adorable Times When BTS’s Jungkook Fanboyed Over His Celebrity “Crush”, As Caught On Camera

It’s so obvious how Jungkook loves his celebrity crush so much.

With BTS‘s popularity reaching global stardom, it’s sometimes easy to forget that these boys are still humble kings who also have moments when they want to fanboy over their celebrity crushes.

Take BTS’s Jungkook‘s celebrity crush, for example. Before you jump to conclusions and think of Jungkook’s other “crush”, IU

…why don’t you stop for a while, breathe properly and read the rest of the article below?

That’s because in today’s article, we’re going to talk about the eight cute times when Jungkook showed his admiration for none other than Iron Man!

Jarvis, scroll down the rest of the article please.

1. Poor Pooh

At first, Jungkook was playing with a “Winnie the Pooh” plushie, but when gave him an Iron Man figure…

…Jungkook couldn’t hide his glee…

…and just played with Iron Man only. Just look at how his eyes sparkled!

What happened to Pooh? Forensics experts believe that his cause of death was due to humiliation from being thrown on the ground.

2. His Iron Man phone cases

You know he absolutely adores Iron Man when he has more than one set of phone cases designed after his favorite Avenger.

If there were an Iron Man cellphone, you bet Jungkook would want his hands on it, too.

3. His impression of Iron Man is on point

4. It’s true love

You know that feeling when you and your crush are interacting and everything fades away, so you feel like there are only two of you in the world?

That’s how Jungkook is with Iron Man.

5. If this is the superhero who’s going to rescue you…

…maybe it’s not so bad to have Thanos after all?

6. Remember when he couldn’t commit to his joke?

Jungkook shocked his members when he said that Thanos is his favorite Marvel character — he immediately took back what he said and insisted on Iron Man as his final answer.

7. His socks — what more can you ask for?

During the first episode of Americal Hustle Life, the boys were “kidnapped” so they were terrified. Just look at Jungkook’s nervous expression here.

After they were asked to remove their hats…

…they were asked to take off their shoes, too.

And even though the situation was serious and the atmosphere was tense, ARMYs couldn’t help but notice the design of Jungkook’s socks.

8. Finders keepers, givers winners

This is a win-win situation: Jungkook has a new toy, and, the ARMY who threw the plushie will always cherish the moment when Jungkook kept their Iron Man plushie inside his pocket.