11 B-Side Tracks By Red Velvet That You Should Add To Your Playlist

These are hidden gems!

We’re here to help you update your playlist in case you haven’t! Red Velvet have proven their talent through various songs and performances that they have shown, but they have hidden gems within their albums that show more of their vocal talent and colors, and will surely make you love them and their music more!

Here are 11 B-Side tracks by Red Velvet that you should add to your playlist!

1. “Something Kinda Crazy”

“Something Kinda Crazy” is a sweet song that presents you with Red Velvet’s soft, but powerful vocals. It’s about being with the one you love and not being able to believe it, thinking its too good to be true.

2. “Bad Dracula”

“Bad Dracula” is a fun and playful song that you can dance around to whenever and wherever! It’s about wanting to break rules simply because you want to dance your heat out!

3. “Talk To Me”

This song is another fun and playful song that is relatable for those who have a crush on someone and are waiting for the perfect moment, that is, when they approach you to talk to you.

4. “You Better Know”

“You Better Know” is a bop that will surely want to make you dance. The song contains a sweet message from Red Velvet to their Reveluvs which is that they better know that Red Velvet will always be there for them, and to relax and not feel pressured because life’s challenges are normal.

5. “With You”

“With You,” from the Summer Magic album is a song that possesses duality as it is perfect for both the summer and winter! The translation of the Korean title in itself is “A Summer’s Christmas,” meaning that this song will fit both seasons, or any season, really! It’s an upbeat song that talks about being happy when you’re with someone you love!

6. “LP”

“LP” is a groovy song that talks about being in love and enjoying the slow but deep growth of your relationship. The musical instrument break after the bridge is beautiful and something to look forward to when you listen to the song!

7. “Jumpin'”

“Jumpin'” is about cherishing the moment and dancing with the one you love! It’s a funky song that anyone can easily enjoy!

8. “Butterflies”

When you fall in love or like someone, you get butterflies in your stomach whenever you see them, and this is exactly what the song is about! When days are happier and the sun seems to shine brighter, everything seems better when you see someone you like! It’s a soft song with just the right amount of funky!

9. “I JUST”

“I JUST” is a song with a catchy melody and has a tune that anyone can easily like, however what it sounds isn’t as happy as what the song is about as the song talks about opening up old scars, and wanting to run away from the all the sadness and painful memories.

10. “Time Slip”

“Time Sleep” is a relatable song about getting lost in time when you’re comfortably sleeping and relating it to the same feeling you feel when you’re in your lover’s arms and just wanting to stay there forever!

11. “La Rouge”

“La Rogue” from Red Velvet’s latest album The ReVe Festival Finale which concluded the ReVe Festival album series. It’s about telling someone that you will grow in them and they will eventually fall for you.

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