8 Ballads By Red Velvet That Will Connect You To Your Sentimental Side

These are some of Red Velvet’s best ballads!

Red Velvet are well-known for having a diverse discography! While all their B-side tracks and R&B influenced songs are like pure honey, the group has a few really nice ballads to their name as well! Here are 8 of Red Velvet’s soulful ballads that will connect you to your sentimental side!


1) One Of These Nights

The title track to their 2016 album The Velvet, “One of These Nights” is an R&B ballad song, with a polished rhythm. Their first “Velvet” side title track, it will truly make you feel all kinds of emotional.


2) First Time

“First Time” is also from their 2016 mini album The Velvet, and lyrically, talks about the feelings of falling in love for the first time. it describes all the first time feelings, like feeling your heart flutter because of love, learning new things about the person you’re with everyday, and really, truly realizing you’re in love for the first time ever.


3) Remember Forever

“Remember Forever” is a ballad from their most recent album The ReVe Festival: Finale. It talks about a fun times spent with the person that you love; like long summer nights, the magic of an evening at the festival. The song is also about how these moment smell become precious memories, ones that they will remember forever.


4) Time To Love

“Time To Love” is from their 2018 repackaged album The Perfect Red Velvet. The song talks about finally beginning a relationship with a person you’ve loved for a while, and all the heart-fluttering moments that take place int he period from going from friends to more than friends.


5) Wish Tree

“Wish Tree” was released as part of Winter Garden, the special winter project in 2016 by SM Entertainment. The lyrics speak of the beauty of wintertime with your loved one, and the wishes you make to be together always, hoping they’ll come true.


6) Rose Scent Breeze

“Rose Scent Breeze” is a ballad sung by Wendy, Joy and Seulgi, and is a remake of the original 1989 version of the song sung by SM Entertainment founder Lee Soo Man. It was included in their The Velvet album, and talks about a sorrowful parting of two lovers, with the sweet rose scent in the breeze during their bitter goodbyes.


7) Candy

“Candy” was part of the group’s first mini album, Ice Cream Cake, and is a soulful ballad that equates love with the sweetness of candy and the will to stay together like the stickiness of a candy that won’t let go.


8) Moonlight Melody

“Moonlight Melody” was released in 2017 as part of the group’s album, Perfect Velvet. The lyrics talk of a night spent with a loved one under the gentle light of the moon, and how the moon sings a melody to comfort the person when they’re nervous about what might happen with their significant other.

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