8 Of BLACKPINK’s Most Iconic Hairstyles In “How You Like That”

One of Jennie’s looks fulfilled BLINKs’ wishes.

In the teasers for BLACKPINK‘s comeback, they had fans going crazy with their unique makeup looks and bright hair colors. With the release of the “How You Like That” music video, they’ve shown even more eye-catching looks. Here are eight of the most iconic hairstyles they rocked in it.

1. Jennie’s Jewels

Even though Jennie‘s two-tone blonde and black hair took the spotlight all on its own, it literally shined even more with the addition of jewels that were neatly lined down the back of her head.

2. Blue Rosé

Since Rosé has been rocking blonde hair for a long time, she’s finally switched it up for something a little different. Opting for a beautiful silver color, she’s highlighted it with pieces of blue to make it really stand out.

3. Blonde Waves

In yet another twist on Jennie’s ombre hair, she wears the front half pulled into a ponytail, showing off her blonde roots. To make it more interesting, the blonde hair in the front is given gentle waves.

4. Red Queen Jisoo

Sporting one of the boldest looks, Jisoo sits like a queen with a one-of-a-kind red crown on her neatly slicked-back hair. The same red is mirrored in her eye-catching makeup: one eye is lined with red eyeshadow.

5. Lisa’s Hime-Style

While Lisa looks stunning in her new black hair, her fiery red hair was a hit. Cutting it shorter on the left side gave it a hime-style cut that suited her individuality perfectly.

6. A Purple As Soft As Rosé

When Rosé teased fans by saying that she’d be dyeing her hair, she wasn’t lying one bit. Going from blue to a soft purple, she looks just as beautiful as ever.

7. The Long-Awaited Bob

Since fans have been waiting to see Jennie with short hair, she seemed to have heard their wishes. As if her two-toned hair wasn’t badass enough, they cut it shorter for a bob that everyone’s been waiting for.

8. Putting The Pink In BLACKPINK

When it comes to crazy colors, Lisa never shies away from wearing them. The boldness and vibrancy of her pink hair will give you the life you needed.

Check all of the looks out in the music video and see which ones caught your eye.