6 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Her Cat Were Too Cute—In Honor Of Leo’s Birthday

Since fans are sending Leo all the love, here are his cutest moments with Lisa.

Out of all the cats that BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has, Leo was the first one she called her own and had the longest. Since fans are showering the fluffy cutie with love for his birthday, using the hashtag #LisasFavBoyLeoDay, here are eight times he and Lisa were too adorable together.

1. When Lisa discovered dancing wasn’t one of Leo’s favorite hobbies.

With a smile on her face, Lisa latched onto Leo’s paws and moved them around to show off his dance skills. There was one funny problem: Leo wasn’t much of a dancer.

2. All Lisa needs is Leo to keep her warm for the winter.

While Lisa looked nice and comfy with her hat and sweater, all she needed was Leo in her arms to warm her heart.

| lalalalisa_m/Instagram

3. Leo didn’t have any kisses For Rosé.

During one of Rosé and Lisa’s live broadcasts, they had Leo to keep them company. After Lisa gave him a sweet kiss, she moved him closer to Rosé so she could plant one on him too. Instead, Leo made Lisa laugh and Rosé pout by shying away.

4. Leo got double the love.

On a live broadcast featuring Lisa and Jisoo, both of them showered Leo with all the attention. Seeing their smiling faces next to Leo made them the cutest trio ever.

5. Leo was ready for all the kisses from Jisoo.

As Lisa held onto a tiny Leo, Jisoo didn’t hold back in giving him all the kisses.

6. Sleepy Leo is one of his cutest sides.

Between Lisa’s smile and Leo’s sleepy look, they’re such a perfect pair.

| lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Happy birthday to Lisa’s special boy Leo.