8 Of BLACKPINK’s Most Embarrassing Stage Accidents Of All Time

Check out these cute yet embarrassing moments of BLACKPINK.

1. Rose’s dance blooper

Rose raised her hands in this choreography of “As If It’s Your Last” a bit early compared to the original version. Here is the original choreography from BLACKPINK’s dance practice.

Here is the clip where Rose made her dance blooper.


2. Jennie’s shout

Jennie makes a mistake on the lyrics during her rap part in “Stay” and gives a shout of embarrassment before she sets herself back on track.


3. Jisoo’s voice crack

Jisoo cracks her voice in this live radio broadcast performance. Despite her little mistake, the expression on her face afterward forgives all.


4. Rose’s pose

Rose poses for the intro of “Playing With Fire” when the upcoming song is in fact “Boombayah”. When she realizes this, she smiles at her embarrassment and continues to laugh as she starts the choreography.


5. Jisoo’s dance blooper

Jisoo is momentarily confused about the dance and goes ahead with another dance until she realizes her mistake after seeing the other members. She laughs at herself afterward for the silly mistake.


6. Jennie’s dance blooper

Jennie makes the same mistake twice with the choreography in this performance of “Playing With Fire”. She has the look of embarrassment on her face after her second time making the same mistake.


7. Where do we go?

After receiving the Rookie of the Year Award and giving their speech at the Melon Music Awards, the BLACKPINK members experience an awkward moment going back and forth not knowing where to exit the stage.


8. Technical issues

The BLACKPINK members experienced some technical difficulties during their performance of “Whistle” at the Asia Artist Awards 2016. Their mics didn’t seem to be working properly and the music sped up as if fast-forwarding during the middle of the performance. It was not only awkward but also probably disappointing for the members who worked so hard for their performances.