8 Boy Group Songs That Went A Capella And Let Their Voices Shine

Acapella makes any song an instant bop!

There’s nothing like an acapella section in a song! It gives the singers a chance to showcase their vocals on a whole new level and gives listeners an exciting surprise.

Here’s 8 songs by boy groups where they stripped it back and went all acapella!

1. ONF – Beautiful Beautiful

ONF surprised fans with an exciting, percussive acapella section in the bridge of their song “Beautiful Beautiful!” Fans could listen to those few seconds on loop just to hear the group’s crisp vocals.


PENTAGON opened their addicting single “DO or NOT” with an acapella part, complete with a scene in the music video of the members singing into a single microphone. Hui and Wooseok definitely showed their skills as composers by including this section!

3. TVXQ – Always There

When it comes to boy groups doing acapella, we’ve got to give credit where credit is due! During their first ever public appearance, TVXQ performed an acapella rendition of “O Holy Night” with BoA!

In 2006, the group released the fully acapella song “Always There!”

4. Day6 – I’ll Try

In this touching ballad Wonpil wrote for his mother, Day6 broke out in a 5-part harmony that had fans struggling to hold back their tears. It’s one of the most breathtaking vocal performances in Day6’s already rich discography!

5. EXO – Tempo

EXO proved that they truly can do it all when they busted out this slick acapella section in the middle of their dance track “Tempo!” The members’ stunning vocals were on full display and fans were shook to say the least. Definitely an unforgettable moment in K-Pop music history!

6. CIX – Round 2

CIX gave fans chills with their clever acapella bridge in the R&B track “Round 2!” Filled with dense harmonies and vocal percussion, this B-side deserves to be known.

7. SuperM – Dangerous Woman

The first time many SuperM fans heard the acapella opening to “Dangerous Woman” was live in concert during their SuperM: We Are the Future Live tour! Even without a studio version, fans were obsessed. It was released in the album Super One, and fans were glad to finally listen to their sweet vocals in HD.

8. BTS – Permission to Dance

BTS absolutely nailed the feel-good vibes they were going for in the final chorus of “Permission to Dance!” This almost fully acapella section is sure to have fans dancing and yelling from their seats whenever concerts pick up again.