8 BTOB Songs To Listen To If You Want To Hear Some Legendary Vocals

Get ready to give a present to your ears.

BTOB has some of the greatest vocal skills out of any group in K-Pop. They have some lead vocalists who could easily pass as main vocalists and have multiple members that can pull off difficult notes in a song. If you ever wanted to hear some of the radiant vocals of BTOB, here are 8 songs that will satisfy your ears greatly.

1. Beautiful Pain

This song talks about how love can cause both beautiful memories and pain. That heartbreak can leave beautiful memories that are full of pain. It’s a shame that Eunkwang couldn’t be in this song because of his military enlistment, but the other members pulled the song off great even without their main vocalist.



2. Missing You

This song speaks on the tough feelings of having to live with missing someone. That as time passes, it’s still hard not to miss them.



3. It’s Okay

This song is one that almost anyone going through a tough or stressful time can listen to, as the title says “It’s Okay”, the tough times will end.



4. Way Back Home

This song talks about the many mysterious bumps that life can throw at us, but there’s always a “Way Back Home”. Also, the M/V has a really interesting story to it!



The rest of these songs aren’t by BTOB as a complete group, they are by the sub-unit called BTOB-Blue, which features Eunkwang, Sungjae, Changsub, and Hyunsik.

5. I’ll Be Here

The song is a beautiful one that talks about wanting to be by the side of someone important to you.


6. When It Rains

Thing song signifies how rain can remind us about parts of a relationship and how this feeling of love can still linger.



7. Stand by me

This song talks about not letting go of something important to you and just wanting to be with that person, even if it means just standing with them.


8. Gone

This is actually a solo song by Changsub, but it’s too good to not include on this list. It talks about how having a supportive person in your life can go a long way and you just want to disappear with them, away from the pain that the world can cause.