8 BTS Fan Videos That New ARMYs Should Know About

Here are some helpful videos to get you started.

With so much information to take in about BTS and their history, there have been some amazing videos created by fans that have helped newer ARMYs have a better understanding of the group. Here’s a list of some popular videos that have been watched by many fans around the world.

1. Who is BTS?

This video gives a good introduction to the seven members of BTS and is a good video for those that are just getting into the group.

2. BTS in America in a nutshell Part 1

These “BTS in America” videos gives a bit of insight to the member’s personalities and is just a fun video to watch for ARMYs in general.

3. BTS in America in a nutshell Part 2

4. Extra AF

Another fun video of the boys in America.

5. Lowkey terrified

This video of the members being lowkey scared of Suga is a popular video among fans as well.

6. Nobodies to Legends

This “Nobodies to Legends” series has one for 2018 and 2019 and it is a great compilation of all the achievements BTS has been able to do throughout the years.

7. Crash Course 2020

This video has been shared by many people online for its most up-to-date information on the group’s success up until 2020.

8. Theories

This YouTuber has gained much attention for her amazingly detailed and informational theories regarding BTS’s concept and music. It provides great insight into the messages the group is trying to portray through their music.


We can’t forget the time even ARMYs and non ARMYs cranked out to Suga‘s part in “Ddaeng”