8 of BTS Jimin’s Important Measurements…For Scientific Purposes

There’s no such thing as useless information about Jimin.

1. Height — 173.6 cm


Don’t let Jimin catch you saying his height is 173 or 173.5 centimetres.

He’ll be quick to inform you that he is in fact 173 centimetres and 60 millimetres.

“It’s 173.6 cm, you brat!” — Jimin to Jungkook


2. Lips — 2.8 to 3 cm


Jimin’s luscious lips are officially 2.8 to 3 centimetres thiccccc. Yes, that’s thicc with 5 c’s.


3. Hands — 17.5 cm


Jimin’s adorable hands are confirmed to be 17.5 centimetres from the top of his middle finger straight down to the bottom of his palm.


Fans love to dote on his hands, proven by the fact that a Twitter account dedicated to his hands has over 25 thousand followers!


4. Feet — 265 mm (8.5 US)


Jimin’s feet are also on the petite side, but that doesn’t stop fans from showering them in love.


5. Thighs — 18.5 cm


Some of Jimin’s measurements are totally adorable, while ones like his thighs, may cause ARMY to faint. Did we mention the boy is thiccccc?


6. Waist — 29 to 30 cm


A result of his many years as a dancer, Jimin’s gorgeous waist is about 29 to 30 cm — as revealed to fans by Big Hit fancafe staff!


7. Wrist — 15 cm


In case you were planning on gifting Jimin a bracelet or watch, you definitely need to know his wrist size!


8. Booty — 25.8 cm (arc)


ARMY used actual math formulas to calculate the exact arc of Jimin’s peach, for the sake of greater good.


Don’t you just love science?