Here’s 8 BTS Music Videos That Cover Issues In Society

They will always speak up about issues they feel are important.

BTS are known to speak up about societal issues and they aren’t afraid to voice their opinions about them either! Here’s a list of tracks by BTS that cover issues in society that need to be talked about.

1. “Silver Spoon”

“Silver Spoon,” also known as “baepsae” in Korean, is the young generation calling out the older generation for having to face hardships throughout life due to the obstacles created by them.

2. “21st Century Girls”

This track is a reminder to all girls to have self-confidence and to live their best life for themselves.

3. “No More Dream”

Just as the title states, they are talking about the young generation who don’t have any dreams to get up and take control of their life and fight for their true dreams.

4. “N.O”

“N.O” talks about the expectations put on the students by the elders and how that affects their overall mental health. This song sums up the reality of South Korean students today.

5. “Spine Breaker”

“Spine Breaker” is a term used in Korean for someone who worked so hard that their spine is literally bent. The track talks about the younger generation continuously only wanting and needing things from their parents, who are working so hard to bring money to the table. The younger generation only care about the current trends and fitting in rather than how much work their parents have to do to pay for their things.

6. “Go Go”

“Go Go” is a fun spin on the ‘YOLO’ trend and how the younger generations unwisely spend their money that they’ve worked so hard for.

7. “Am I Wrong”

This track features many political aspects of Korea and how people don’t react strongly to all the news that’s going on currently. Many segments of the song could be related to various political moments in Korea and is a song that can be relatable to many Korean listeners.

8. “So What”

Just as the title states, they hope that people will chase after their dreams without fear, telling them “so what” about what other people think.

BTS continues to spread awareness about social issues in their music and has changed and moved many people all over the world with their courage and determination.