8 Celebrities With Different Skincare Troubles, And How They Deal With Them

Find out how these stars deal with their skin troubles!

1. Wanna One’s Jihoon – facial flushing

Jihoon once mentioned on Season 2 of Mnet’s Produce 101 that he often applies facial packs to soothe his flushed skin. However, fans have pointed out that his rosy cheeks are one of his attractive points.


2. AOA’s Seolhyun – dark skin

Seolhyun has mentioned on a show that her complex was her dark skin, strong thighs, and asymmetrical face. She used a brighter shade of makeup to hide her dark skin at an award ceremony, which backfired when photos revealed a sharp contrast between the color of her face and neck.


3. Gugudan’s Sejeong – dark skin

Sejeong said on KBS’s School 2017 that she was concerned about her dark skin because actresses have such bright skin. She also confessed that she uses tone-up cream all the time.


4. MBLAQ’s Seungho – dark circles

Seungho revealed that his dark circles used to be one of his concerns but he has now learned to simply live with them. He added that he might even miss them if they disappeared.


5. Eugene – dark circles

Source: Twitter

Eugene even made a visit to the plastic surgeon’s because of her severe dark circles, especially when she doesn’t get enough sleep or when she’s tired. After finding out that there wasn’t much that could be done, she overcame her issue with makeup. She says she covers her dark circles by mixing bright and light concealers to create a concealer that fits her skin tone.


6. Park Soo Jin – dry skin

Park Soo Jin says that she gets very dry skin, especially during the dry seasons. She shared on Star Beauty Road how she keeps her skin moisturized through her night-time skincare routine. Immediately after cleansing her face, she adds hydration to her skin with mist. Then, she applies a mask pack and neck wrinkle pack for about 20 minutes and finishes with facial oil to lock in the moisture.


7. Kim Hyo Jin – skin troubles and loss of resilience

Kim Hyo Jin had a few tips on how to deal with her skin troubles and lack of resilience. First of all, she never uses general cosmetics that contain chemicals. She cleanses her face with seaweed extract rather than cleansing foam. She also uses a grain-based ampoule that is not harmful to your skin to promote skin regeneration.


8. Park Ji Sun – contact dermatitis

Park Ji Sun, who has sensitive skin, revealed that she was suffering from contact dermatitis ever since she’s had to apply prosthetic makeup for her skits. Due to her sensitive skin, she does not wear any makeup on a daily basis.



Source: 1boon and Naver Blog