8 Dramatic Idol Makeup Looks That Will Go Down In K-Pop History

These eye looks though!

K-Pop is full of varying concepts which dictate the clothing and makeup of the group. Girl next door concept? Fresh makeup. Sexy concept? Heavy makeup. The latter is often more uncommon than the former, so any dramatic makeup look in K-Pop stands out.

Check out some of the most iconic ones that we’ve seen so far in K-Pop!


VIXX made waves when they came back with “ON AND ON”, a totally different concept from their boy-next-door debut “SUPER HERO”.

Their intense eye shadow and iconic colored contact lenses are still remembered until today.

2. HyunA – Flower Shower

HyunA‘s “Flower Shower” may be the farthest thing from a dark concept, but it still had dramatic makeup.

The dark pink of HyunA’s eye shadow was almost red enough to match her bright lips. This comeback gave a whole new meaning to “sweet makeup”.

3. A.C.E – Savage

While HyunA had a cuter and lighter style for her eye shadow, A.C.E. was intense as can be.

Every member had red hues to draw attention to their savageness.

4. MONSTA X – Beautiful

While everyone in MONSTA X was extra beautiful in this track, Minhyuk deserves a special mention all on his own.

With his face literally glowing with glitter, he out-shined everyone in the music video and stage.

5. (G)I-DLE – LION

(G)I-DLE‘s Queendom song made waves for its empowering melody and lyrics, and the makeup only amplified this.

The girls wore varying shades of eye shadow and lipstick, allowing them to look strong and sultry at the same time.

6. EXO – Monster

EXO‘s “Monster” is possibly the group’s most adventurous furrow into the dark concept.

Noticeable eye shadow, thick eyeliner, and even a lip ring, EXO pulled it off like nobody’s business.

7. CL

CL is one of the best known Korean celebrities when it comes to her eyeliner.

Thick, winged, and perfectly applied, it matches her independent and strong aura. CL could pull it off with complete ease whether on stage or off it.

8. BTS – Blood, Sweat, & Tears

Finally, “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” was a royal concept that ARMYs didn’t know how much they needed until it was released.

Along with the lace, ruffles, and textures of their clothes, BTS also wore eye shadow, eyeliner, and lip tint that were darker from their usual. It was a grand comeback from top to bottom.