8 Empowering K-Pop Songs By Female Idols To Celebrate International Women’s Day

It is time for some girl power!

Each year, March 8 is International Women’s Day which celebrates women in the world. There is so much female empowerment from girl groups and female soloists themselves in the industry in K-Pop.

Here are some empowering K-Pop songs by female idols: the perfect soundtracks for International Women’s Day!

1. ITZY – “Wannabe”

The central theme of ITZY’s “Wannabe” is the idea of being yourself and not letting others tell you how to live your life. That is exactly the message that runs throughout the song, including the lyrics from Ryujin’s rap:

The nagging, stop it I got this, whatever I be it’s up to mePeople love to talk about others, why do you care so much about others lives.

–– ITZY’s Ryujin

If that is not enough, in the video, the members embrace who they are and are unapologetically bold, badass, and bright!

2. Mamamoo – “Yes I Am”

MAMAMOO has always been a group that has stood up for female empowerment in their songs, and “Yes I Am” is one of those! The song’s message is so relatable, talking about the issues of self-confidence and embracing your differences. It is something the group has always advocated reminding their fans to embrace who they are!

In the video, the members embrace the unique parts of themselves, which are sometimes looked down on! The lyrics and video emphasize including the message in Moonbyul’s rap as she is dressed in a more androgynous style.

My complex is nothing. Slacks, shirts, loafers. With a classic style. I express myself, my baby.

–– MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

3. BLACKPINK Jennie – “Solo”

Just like the title says, BLACKPINK Jennie’s song “Solo” is about embracing being single after coming out of a toxic relationship. The track focuses not only on female empowerment but also on self-love and self-belief in yourself as an individual.

This time I’m only lookin’ at me, myself and I
(I’m goin’ solo) I’mma do it on my own now.

–– BLACKPINK’s Jennie

In the lyrics, Jennie tells her ex-boyfriend how she does not need him and can thrive without him as the GOAT (greatest of all time.) Particularly, she looks at the idea that, without him, she can now concentrate on herself!

4. BoA – “Woman”

Always a pioneer in K-Pop, BoA’s is known for releasing tracks focusing on empowering women, and “Woman” is no exception! Talking about the track, BoA explained that the track’s meaning is “to share a message of finding our own definition of beauty, and not the one society imposes on us.

When they were forcing femininity,
When I didn’t even know what it was to be a woman,
Now I know, what I really need,
I have the best inner beauty,
Feels good to be a woman.

–– BoA

The lyrics focus on this idea of not allowing society to force expectations on women! When describing the track, she also mentioned how it indirectly looks at the need for men and women to be equal in society and forget about expectations and norms!

5. CLC – “No”

CLC’s track “No,” is the perfect song to kick all gender expectations and stereotypes about what a girl should be out of the window! In the song, the members talk about the pressures society puts on them to look and act in a certain way! The song shows that girls do not have to do this and can just be who they are!

Innocent, sexy, and cute, single words like that can’t possibly express who I am.

–– CLC

In the song, the words push off the idea that certain words can define girls. It promotes the fact that women are not two-dimensional but are instead complex and unique individuals who are beautiful no matter what!

6. 2ne1 – “I Am The Best”

Throughout 2ne1’s track “I Am The Best,” the members just emanate girl power from the strong concept, bold outfits, and detailed lyrics. It is the perfect song to showcase female empowerment and strength!

Whoever looks at me can see I’m fabulous. This body is second to no one…I refuse to be compared…I’m billion dollar baby.

–– 2ne1

The lyrics look at the idea that they should not have to be compared to anyone and are perfect the way they are. It emphasizes the concept of self-confidence and self-love and that you should not try and be someone else!

7. Dreamcatcher – “Scream”

Since their debut, Dreamcatcher has always stood out amongst the various girl groups with their bold and badass concepts. Their 2020 track “Scream” looks at the negativity of social media but the desire to push through those comments and endure it with their power!

Words that cut like a sharp sword,
They dig deep into the scars,
But the breath doesn’t end.

–– Dreamcatcher

These lyrics show that, no matter what words people throw at you and how much it impacts you, it should not stop you from doing what you love! With their strong and rocky concept, it is enough to make you feel invincible!

8. LOONA – “So What”

Loona is known for their catchy songs, but their track “So What” was the first time their fans had seen them with this girl crush concept. It is also remembered for the strong message focusing on the idea of breaking free of any barriers and having the strength and belief to go on your own path.

In the lyrics, there are several inspiring lines from “Be Yourself,” “Let’s fly higher,” and “Trust your instincts.” With the contrast in concepts within the video, alongside the catchy tune, it is enough to make you want to stand on a building and shout at the top of your lungs!