These Are 8 Examples That Prove UP10TION’s Sunyoul Deserves Way More Popularity For His Phenomenal Vocal Skills

His vocal skills are seriously unmatchable.

UP10TION has been around since they debuted in September of 2015, and have come out with some successful songs such as “So, Dangerous” and “Blue Rose”.

Unfortunately, they’ve never been extremely popular or successful in the industry despite their skills, which is a huge shame. Member Kim Wooseok has found more fame after appearing on Produce 101 and being a member of the group X1 before it disbanded, but the rest of the group hasn’t found such attention yet. And so, this list is all about bringing attention to their ridiculously talented and unique-voiced vocalist, Sunyoul!

Sunyoul is known for his beautiful and unusual singing abilities, and for good reason. Not to mention, he’s just downright adorable! Check out some examples of his prowess below and prepare to have your mind blown.

1. The stunning covers he performs for his “SUNYOUL’IVE” series

Many of the covers he does for this series are English songs, which, given that English isn’t his first language, is even more impressive. And he frequently sings in the original, female key as well, which is insane!

2. The high notes he hits in UP10TION’s songs

He can hit ridiculously high notes live without sounding like his voice is straining at all.

3. His vocal sound is so unique and wide-ranging that judges mistook him for an experienced female singer on King of Masked Singer

Just watch the judges’ reactions in the second video, it’s no wonder they were shocked!

4. He’s multi-talented in singing and cooking at the same time

Stan talent, stan idols that can cook and sing flawlessly.

5. This time he gathered an audience during karaoke due to his voice

When the other members were messing around in karaoke, he took it more seriously and blew everyone’s minds singing in the original (female) key.

6. He and Kuhn covering Akdong Musician’s “Don’t Cross Your Legs”

Once again, Sunyoul stuns with his ability to sing in the original female key covering Suhyun‘s part in this duet. And he can rap, too!

7. He even covered Lady Gaga’s parts in “Shallow”

His voice is just… Beautiful.

8. He even sounds great acapella!

You know a singer’s got talent when he sounds amazing with his voice and nothing else.

BONUS: He sounds great even singing with helium

How is it possible for someone to sing flawlessly always?

In summary: Stan Sunyoul, you won’t regret it.