8 “Fans” Who Blatantly Disrespected K-Pop Idols In Public

Imagine spending so much time and money to do *that*…

While we all know about the trouble saesang fans cause, sometimes normal fans or fans of a specific group member can cause just as much pain for an idol. Whether they straight up dissed an idol or got a little bit more physical, here are some instances where other fans were horrified by “fans” disrespectful attitudes towards their idols.

1. TWICE’s Tzuyu was told to “shut up” during a fan event

During one fan event in 2016, Tzuyu was asked to give a final greeting to fans. As soon as she started to speak, however, one fan from the event shouted for her to “shut up.” Then some other fans joined in and told her to shut her mouth. After a short pause, Tzuyu asked Jeongyeon to do it for her!

While it was later revealed that the fans didn’t want the event to end, and that’s why they shouted at Tzuyu, many ONCEs are still furious that this happened at all.

2. MONSTA X’s Minhyuk suddenly had a hand shoved in his face while meeting fans

Fans were unhappy when a video of one fan sign event first appeared online. In the clip, Minhyuk can be seen playing around with Jooheon and leaning in close to him. But the real problem is when the fan talking with Jooheon decides to keep Minhyuk away with a hand in his face.

3. T.O.P was shoved out at the airport

When BIGBANG arrived at JFK International Airport in 2012, fans were excited! Unfortunately, one fan was so eager to see Daesung that she completely ignored and even pushed T.O.P out of the way.

4. Former AOA member Mina came close to tears because of one “fan’s” words

Mina was just happily meeting with fans during a fan meeting back in 2015 when she was suddenly bombarded with a question about how long she trained for. After rattling off the number, the so-called fan cussed her out, even going so far as to say, “A singer needs to be good at singing. Use the time to care for your fxxxing face to practice singing, or I will upload it to Facebook.

The words brought Mina close to tears, and AOA fans have been outraged over the incident ever since.

5. TWICE’s Nayeon was harassed during a live stream

“‘Um-dui?’ You mean ‘turned too much?’ It’s the first time I’m hearing this ‘generational gap’ ‘outdated person.'”

We’ve all seen the comments on idols’ livestreams asking where another member is, but during one of Nayeon‘s live streams, things got more out of control than that. As comments started to roll in, Nayeon began to read them out loud, and most were downright cruel. From ones asking if she was a grandma to others calling her stupid, Nayeon dealt with every single one of them.

“No, no. I’m not a grandma. You guys are too much. ONCEs are so cruel.”

When news of the live stream hit the world wide web, netizens were absolutely shocked, and some were even left wondering if these people were fans or antis because of their harsh words.

6. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua faced the wrath of an unhappy fan

During one fan meeting, a Joshua stan was upset about something he had supposedly done and decided to express her anger by throwing things at him. Luckily, security quickly intervened and the fan was removed from the meeting. Since the incident, this person was given the title saesang by Carats.

7. WJSN’s Eunseo burst into tears because of someone’s comparison

Before the incident in question, Eunseo was constantly compared to Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimović. The comments were obviously hurtful to Eunseo, so when a fan at a signing event told her she looked like the athlete again, she couldn’t hide her feelings anymore.

Later, the fan apologized to Eunseo and the other fans, stating that he was unaware she didn’t like the comparison because he was a new fan.

8. Fans rejected PRISTIN’s Kyla

During one fan meeting, it was Kyla‘s turn to get some one-on-one time with her fans so that they could get some great pictures of her. The problem was that while she separated herself from the group for the shots, many of the cameras in the crowd turned away from her to shoot pics of the other members.

While some people have defended the picture takers in the past, most people think the gesture was straight-up rude.