Here Are The 8 Fastest Raps Done By BLACKPINK’s Jennie

There’s quite the gap between numbers 1 and 2.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is the main rapper of the group and has been praised numerous times for her great rapping skills.

A YouTube channel by the name of “CarKpop” decided to see what the fastest raps done by Jennie were. The way that it was measured was by hearing the fastest part by ear, counting the number of syllables in 8 seconds, then dividing the total by 8.

So, here are the 8 fastest raps done by Jennie.

#8. “See U Later”

Source: Jaeguchi/YouTube

41 syllables and 5.13 syllables per second.

#7. “Special” (Lee Hi)

Source: Eirene Lyrics/YouTube 

42 syllables and 5.25 syllables per second.

#6. “Forever Young”

Source: Jaeguchi/YouTube

43 syllables and 5.38 syllables per second.

#5. BLACKPINK’s cover of “Loser” (BIGBANG)

44 syllables and 5.5 syllables per second

#4. “Stay”

Source: rexolyrics/YouTube

45 syllables and 5.63 syllables per second.


Source: rexolyrics/YouTube

48 syllables and 6 syllables per second.

#2. “Whistle”

Source: rexolyrics/YouTube

49 syllables and 6.13 syllables per second.


Source: Jaeguchi/YouTube

63 syllables and 7.88 syllables per second.

Here is the full video below!