8 Female Empowerment K-Pop Songs To Remind You That Girls Can Do Anything

From TWICE, Red Velvet, Jennie and more.

In need of a little empowerment? These girl-focused songs from K-Pop’s biggest female idols will remind you not to let anything stand in your way of happiness.

1. “Girls Like Us” – TWICE

“Girls Like Us” from TWICE’s Fancy You album was written by leader Jihyo, and she had a lot to say about everything girls can do. The song encourages girls to do what you want, dream your own dreams, and make your life everything you want it to be.

Oh girls, do what you want
You’re going the right way
Girls like us, just run like us

— “Girls Like Us” lyrics [translated]

2. “Mosquito” – Red Velvet

Red Velvet’s song “Mosquito” isn’t about a real bug. Instead, the song centers on an annoying guy who won’t stop blowing up their phone at night. The phone’s vibrations sound just like a buzzing mosquito, hence the title. In the lyrics, Red Velvet stand up to the nuisance, firmly telling him to stop because they’re just friend.

Whenever I try to sleep, I hear my phone vibrating
What’s going on this late at night? Are you gonna keep this up?
You’re a mosquito (Zzzzzzzzzz)

— “Mosquito” lyrics [translated]

3. “Twit” – Hwasa

In “Twit”, Hwasa doesn’t hesitate to call her overbearing boyfriend a fool and tell him she doesn’t like their relationship anymore. In the lyrics, she draws comparisons with the Korean folklore tale of Shimcheong, a girl who sold herself to help her father.

I do not like it
Nobody likes it
We’ve lost our way
Twit twit twit twit
You’re a fool who only knows me

— “Twit” lyrics [translated]

4. “Solo” – Jennie

At first glance, you may think Jennie’s “Solo” was all about her new career as a soloist. But in reality, the lyrics talking about going solo in love and leaving a relationship that doesn’t make you happy behind.

This is a love story that doesn’t touch me at all
There’s no butterflies, there’s no meaning
Sorry but I’m not sorry
From now on I’m
Shining solo

— “Solo” lyrics [translated]

5. “No” – CLC

Women are often told they need pretty makeup and fancy accessories to stand out and be special. But in “No” by CLC, the members say “no” to all those things. Instead of worrying about what other people think, they decide to focus on wearing what they want and finding their own style.

Forget ways to look more “beautiful”
Screw how you feel, so “I” can look more like “me”
I love me, I like it
The lipstick that’ll look best on me

— “No” lyrics [translated]

6. “Gashina” – Sunmi

In “Gashina”, Sunmi has to deal with a partner who is leaving her. But instead of feeling down and blaming herself, she reminds herself how special she is and vows to forget all about the one who left her.

You have withered, I have bloomed
And it’s over even if you wanna come back
You may seem like you’ll be fine without me right now
But no matter how much I think about it
Are you sure you’re not crazy?

— “Gashina” lyrics [translated]

7. “You Think” – Girls’ Generation

In one of their sassiest songs, “You Think”, Girls’ Generation called out a guy who’s acting hurt on social media after their break up despite not caring when they were together.

You used me so people can focus on you
I was going to let it go but
You crossed the line again
You think you’re real cool
That’s just what you think
Boy, you ain’t cooler than me, nah

— “You Think” lyrics [translated]

8. “Ah Yeah” – EXID

In “Ah Yeah”, EXID sing about a man who is pestering them with his flirtation. But instead of going along with the invasive questions, the members sing about how it makes them uncomfortable and tell the man to stop.

These moments are so typical
It’s making me uncomfortable
Stop asking me those kinds of things

— “Ah Yeah” lyrics [translated]

Source: Color Coded Lyrics