8 Female Idols And Their Jacked Physiques

They’re breaking stereotypes and redefining beauty standards!

When thinking of muscular idols, one might first think of male idols and see female idols as dainty and thin. However, lately, more and more female idols are showcasing their ripped statures and showing off what they can do.

Jihyo – TWICE

TWICE as a group is known and praised for their “healthy” bodies, but member Jihyo recently went viral after the release of her solo debut with her appearance on Kim Jong Kook‘s Youtube channel, where she shows off her skills at the gym.

During TWICE’s debut, Jihyo was criticized for not having a body completely suited to the K-Pop female beauty standard. However, she managed to prove them wrong now in a big way.

Sohee – ALICE

Sohee from ALICE stuns fans with her muscular physique, in comparison to her smaller stature from the group’s early days. She occasionally updates fans with vlogs of her workout routines.


The group LE SSERAFIM has earned the nickname, “ABS SSERAFIM” for each member shining with a muscular physique. However, Kazuha in particular has caught fans’ eyes by getting more and more ripped each comeback.

Lia – ITZY

Many fans note that Lia has had the biggest body transformation out of the members of Itzy. Member Ryujin said that their attention to their toned bodies is not for the sake of appearances, but for the quality of their performances.

Kim Sejeong

Kim Sejeong | @clean_0828/Instagram

This idol and actress went viral a few times for her toned biceps. She revealed she’s always been quite muscular, and has her love of mountain climbing to thank for that.

I’ve always had stronger muscles than other girls, so my friends gave me a nickname. I was in Induk High School and they called me the ‘Induk Red Hare,’

— Kim Sejeong

Saerom – Fromis_9

Fans were surprised during Fromis_9‘s LOVE FROM concert, when Saerom‘s cropped shirt revealed her strikingly toned abdomen. She previously appeared on Kim Jong Kook‘s channel a few months before with two other members, where he offered tips for working out, and it looks like it paid off!


MAMAMOO‘s leader Solar is known for her confident attitude and her physique. Many fans have gone wild each time she’s showed off her muscles, and also updates fans on her own Youtube channel tips on how she manages to keep it up.

Handong – Dreamcatcher

Handong is known among fans for her strength, accompanied by incredibly toned muscles. She even shared her thoughts on photos from her latest concert, which showcased her muscular biceps.

It looks like if I hit myself, I could accidentally one hit K.O.

— Handong


Source: mydaily and Youtube