8 Female Idols Who Look Extremely Good In Suits

They are versatile fashion queens!

Fashion trends come and go and one of the best stage outfits that has remained timeless for K-Pop girl groups or artists are suits.

K-Pop girl groups or artists who wear suits isn’t a new style trend, however it has always made fans fall deeper for the artists’ charms as they get to see a different side to them.

Here are 8 female idols who can pull of suits!

1. Red Velvet’s Joy


Red Velvet‘s Joy looks chic in this black suit making fans’ hearts race!

2. GFRIEND’s Yuju


GFRIEND‘s Yuju looking elegant in a black suit and statement earrings to make her shine more!

3. CLC’s Yeeun

(5) Twitter

CLC‘s Yeeun looks cute in a black suit radiating her innocent energy.

4. EXID’s Hani


EXID‘s Hani looks sexy in this black suit while performing on stage!

5. TWICE’s Nayeon


TWICE‘s Nayeon surprises everyone with her timeless beauty in a black suit!

6. f(x)’s Krystal

krystal pics (@krystalhqpics) _ Twitter

f(x)‘s Krystal becomes the epitome of classy and elegant especially when wearing a black suit.

7. MAMAMOO Hwasa


MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa heats things up as she wears a bright red suit that she undoubtedly pulls off!



BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is beautiful in a more modernized type of suit with a cropped top!

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