8 Of The Funniest English Names K-Pop Idols Gave Themselves

We have to give it to them—they’re definitely creative!

Some K-Pop idols come up with their English names while studying languages in school, while others create them to relate with international fans better. But while most idols opt for standard and popular English names, a few stars have come up with some truly hilarious monikers!

1. Yuna (ITZY)

ITZY Yuna’s English name is “Hotssey”.

In a live broadcast, she revealed she chose the English name “Hussey” after renowned British actress Olivia Hussey. However, after Yuna mispronounced the surname, it evolved into Hotssey.

2. Lee Know (Stray Kids)

Stray Kids Lee Know’s English name is “Rhino”.

The name was actually suggested by fellow member Bang Chan, and it almost became Lee Know’s stage name. And yes, it really is pronounced like the animal! Like Lee Know, Rhino is supposed to be similar to the star’s birth name, Minho.

3. Doyeon (Weki Meki)

Weki Meki Doyeon’s English name is “Sharpay”.

Sound familiar? That’s because Sharpay was the main antagonist in the hit Disney franchise, High School Musical. And it gets funnier—the name Sharpay was based on the wrinkly Shar Pei dog breed.

4. Mashiho (TREASURE)

TREASURE Mashiho’s English name is “Mama”.

Most of the TREASURE members have pretty standard English names, from Junkyu (“David”) to Jaehyuk (“Kevin”). Mashiho, on the other hand, went with Mama. Fans think he based it on the first syllable of his real name, but it seems like he forgot to account for its meaning in English.

5. Jiyoon (Weeekly)

Weeekly Jiyoon’s English name is “Beyoncé”.

Jiyoon taught herself English, so there’s no surprise she gave herself an English name. But the name itself is definitely surprising. While she sometimes uses the pen name “Betty”, Jiyoon said she chose “Beyoncé” as her main English name because she’s a big fan.

6. Andy (Seven O’Clock)

Seven O’Clock Andy’s English name is “Anyoncé”.

Seems Jiyoon isn’t the only Beyoncé stan in K-Pop! Technically, Andy is already this star’s English name, but who’s the say he can’t have two?

7. Hangyeom (Seven O’Clock)

Seven O’Clock Hangyeom’s English name is “Chris Brownie”.

Seven O’Clock are definitely the kings of crazy English names. As you may have already guessed, Hangyeom chose this English name because he likes Chris Brown and brownies.

8. Lee Se Jin (Produce X 101)

Former Produce X 101 contestant and actor Lee Se Jin’s English name is “Roni”.

At first glance, “Roni” may seem like a pretty normal English name. But while it sounds like an alternative to the popular “Ronnie”, Se Jin actually chose the name because it’s a shortened version of “pepperoni”.

Source: @realstraykids/Instagram (image credit) and @itzy.all.in.us/Instagram (image credit)
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