10 Times EXO’s Chanyeol Couldn’t Deal With Fireworks

Poor baby~

With almost 8 years of being an idol, you think EXO’s Chanyeol would be used to fireworks by now. But EXO-Ls know Chanyeol is like a baby who gets scared of every loud noise even when everyone else seems just fine.

His reactions are so big, it is so cute to see the tallest member of the group getting scared so easily. Here are 10 of his scared reactions.

1. He gets scared of a piece of paper

2. Gets scared and blames Chen for some reason

3. His heart almost stops when everyone else is fine

4. His poor little heart!

5. So scared, he needs Sehun to hold him

6. He gets scared with his whole body

7. It’s so cute he laughs at himself after he gets scared

8. The contrast between Chanyeol and Chen is hilarious


9. He knew it was coming but still got scared

10. Apparently, it’s not just fireworks that scares him. He’s scared of doors too.