8 Girl Group Songs Netizens Became Obsessed With After Swearing They’d Never Listen Again

Some songs are just too catchy.

Try as you might, some songs are just too catchy to resist. Here are eight girl group songs that netizens thought they could escape after listening to once. They couldn’t.

1. “Step Back” by GOT the beat

There’s no denying this unit girl group by SM Entertainment is filled with talented women… The song’s lyrics, however, have some netizens scratching their heads. While some claim that the song’s lyrics are misogynistic, since they are about telling another woman to step back from their man, netizens can’t help but love the song.

2. “Pirate” by EVERGLOW

For some, “Pirate” couldn’t compare to the group’s earlier songs, which fans thought were hard to beat. Yet, after time, netizens have come to really enjoy the song.

3. “Wings” by PIXY

For other netizens, this is a song that was interesting at first, but didn’t seem like it was good enough to warrant a second listen. One user proved themselves wrong and listened again within minutes.

4. “Wa Da Da” by Kep1er

One user thought they wouldn’t like this song after first listen, but they eventually added it their playlist. Another user also didn’t like it initially but says, “Now, after the 1000th listen: VROOM VROOM LIKE A SUPERSONIC.”  

5. “What You Waiting For” by Jeon Somi

One user initially thought this song sounded like bits and pieces mushed together and was missing something to make the sound complete. While they understand why they felt that way at first, they now like the song.

6. “Umpah Umpah” by Red Velvet

One netizen found this song boring at first, especially after loving songs like “Zimzalabim” so much. Now, it’s their go to summer song.

7. “Fancy” by TWICE

This song was described as “plain and disturbing” by one netizen who found themselves in pain while listening to it at first. Now, while they wouldn’t call themselves “obsessed,” they would listen to the song 20 times in a row if someone played it.

8. “Savage” by aespa

Several users mentioned this song, for no particular reason. Perhaps, the switch up was jarring at first. Whatever the reason, several netizens liked it after giving it another chance.


Source: Reddit