8 Gorgeous Stage Outfits BLACKPINK’s Rosé Wore

She can wear anything and she’ll still look amazing!

BLACKPINK is known to have such good outfits, whether it may be in the airport, or in the pictures they share with fans on their Instagram accounts, but especially when they perform on stage.

Here are some of the stage outfits BLACKPINK’s Rosé pulled off!

1. Rosé looking like a whole goddess!

Rosé looks like a goddess in a sophisticated beige mini dress lined with silver sparkles, and a feathery robe over it.

2. Rosé looking fancy in a matching top and bottom!

Rosé looks fancy in this top she wore over lace long sleeves, together with its matching bottom!

3. Elegant in black!

Rosé performed in this outfit for BLACKPINK’s Coachella stage and she looked stunning in another matching top and bottom outfit! She covered up her arms with a see-through star printed cardigan!

4. Still elegant, but this time, in white!

Rosé looks extremely classy in this jewel patterned dress with a matching sash! The outfit fits her so well, she looks like an actual queen!

5. Rosé is a real angel!

Rosé combines a girl crush concept with her black leather fit, with a cute and softer concept with her angel wings!

6. Street wear!

Rosé shows her versatile personality in a style leaning more to a street wear outfit!

7. Shining, Shimmering, Splendid!

She looks stunning in this shiny sequin-lined dress which makes her stand out on stage!

8. Parisian girl!

Rosé looks incredible in this light pink ensemble for her stage performance! She is also wearing a beret which gives her a Parisian girl vibe!