8 Groups Who Haven’t Made A Comeback In Over A Year And Need To

Who do you want to see have a comeback this year?

With so many new K-Pop idol groups entering and leaving the Korean entertainment industry, it can be hard to keep track of all their promotions. In some cases, fans have been waiting over a year for a comeback from their favorite groups! Here’s a list of groups that haven’t made a recent comeback and need to ASAP!


1. Gugudan

Gugudan is an eight member group formed in 2016 under Jellyfish Entertainment. They last released music in 2018, making it almost 2 years since they have released anything new.


VIXX is a six member group that debuted in 2012 under Jellyfish Entertainment. Their last album was in 2018 and only solo or Japanese promotions have been released since then. They did release “PARALLEL” in 2019 but there were no promotions for it.

3. April

April is a six member group created by DSP Media in 2015. Their last release was “Oh! My mistake” in 2018.

4. PLT

PLT is a group of five solo artists that come together under the label Planetarium Records to release music. They last came together in 2018 for their song “IGOHOLIC.” Although they have not released a new song together, they are still continuously releasing solo music on their YouTube channel.

5. Favorite

Favorite is a six member group who debuted in 2017 under Astory Entertainment. Their last release was “LOCA” back at the beginning of 2019. They also released a single Catch Me in Japan back in 2019.

6. MVP

MVP is a seven member group from PH Entertainment that debuted in 2017. They have not released anything new since their album Manifest in 2017.

7. Fromis_9

This nine member group was created through the show Idol School in 2017 under CJ E&M. Their last promotion was in 2019 with their single Fun Factory.

8. Apink

Apink, although a veteran group in the K-Pop industry, they have not released anything new since January of last year. Fans are hoping for more new music from them in 2020.

What groups do you hope to see have a comeback this year?