8 Hidden Female Visuals Everyone Should Know More About

Let’s bring the spotlight to them!

There are so many beautiful female visuals in the K-Pop industry that sometimes some members get left out. While these girls may not be considered the official face of the groups they are in, they are undeniably visuals in their own right.


1. Oh My Girl’s Binnie

While many people consider Jiho to be the visual of the group, there is just something special about Binnie.


She has a cheerful and quirky personality.


And a refreshing beauty that makes her really stand out.


2. AOA’s Hyejeong

There is a lot of argument over who the true visual of AOA is. Some people think it’s Seolhyun, others argue it’s Mina, and then there are those who believe Hyejeong deserves the title.


Hyejeong is known for her beautiful face and body.


So it’s easy to see why so many people think she is the true visual of the group!


3. Cosmic Girls’ Bona

Cheng Xiao and Jiyeon are often considered to be the visuals of the group but Bona is definitely a visual too.


When the group first debuted, she wasn’t well known.


But as time goes on she is getting more and more recognition for her beauty.


4. Former 9MUSES’ Minha

While Hyemin is largely regarded as the visual of the group, some might argue that former vocalist Minha is just as beautiful.


Prior to her debut with the group, she was actually a model!


It’s no wonder so many fans thought she should be considered a visual!


5. EXID’s Jeonghwa

It’s hard to escape from the shadow of Hani‘s visual appeal, but Junghwa may be able to do just that.


She is known for her beautiful face and sexy body.


And her bright smile can light up any room!


6. TWICE’s Mina

As the official visual, Tzuyu leaves quite the impression. But the group hosts a whole bunch of beautiful women, including Mina.


Mina is known as the “elegant queen” for her gentle personality.


Many fans consider her to be the second visual of the group.


7. Red Velvet’s Joy

While there is no denying that Irene is stunning, Joy is also a visual goddess in her own right.


Joy is known for her bright smile and great charisma.


It’s no wonder fans really like her visuals!


8. GFRIEND’s Sowon

SinB‘s beauty cannot be denied but Sowon has her own appeal.


Sowon is best known for her impossibly long legs and her gentle beauty.


She is not just the leader of GFRIEND but is also a major visual for the group.