8 Hilarious Instagram Comments Made By Idols We’re Privileged Enough To See

K-Pop idols have memorable Instagram comments as much as their posts! Check out these 8 hilarious conversations.

1. Hyeri from Girl’s Day

After shooting Reply 1988 together, Hyeri from Girl’s Day left a savage comment on actor Ryu Jun Yeol‘s Instagram upload of his promo picture.


2. Suzy

With the final episode of While You Were Sleeping, Suzy uploaded a picture of herself as her character, Hong Joo. To this, actor Shin Jae Ha made a silly comment which Suzy snipes down in a second.


3. Big Bang‘s Taeyang

When comedian Jo Se Ho uploaded a picture of himself getting his hair done, Big Bang’s Taeyang left a comment that haunts Jo Se Ho even to this day. Jo Se Ho can’t choose which event to go to so he doesn’t go to either of them!


4. Super Junior‘s Yesung

When Super Junior’s Donghae uploaded a picture of himself holding up a peace sign, Yesung made fun of him.



A Korean press uploaded this picture on Instagram, asking fans to identify to whom the lips belong. INFINITE’s L pretended to be clueless and commented, asking whose lips they are.


6. Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny & Sooyoung

When a fellow member Taeyeon uploaded a picture of her beautifully self-done nails, Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny confirmed the hand belongs to Taeyeon for sure. Sooyoung made fun of Taeyeon’s choice of color.


7. Super Junior‘s Heechul 

When EXO‘s Baekhyun uploaded this picture of himself making a panting face because the weather was too hot, Heechul pointed out the weather might not be the only thing that’s hot.


8. EXO‘s Sehun

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Shortly after uploading a selfie on his Instagram, EXO’s Sehun interacted with his fans by commenting back and melted their hearts. His commenting spree went viral and made fans from all over the world rush over to his Instagram page.