8 Hilarious K-Pop Album Covers That’ll Make You Scream “Graphics Design Is My Passion”

There are no words.

K-Pop has undeniably some of the most gorgeous album covers to ever exist.

Some other K-Pop albums, however, are admittedly…less than stellar. Keeping in mind that they all have their own charms, check out some of the most hilarious album covers we’ve seen so far!

1. Topp Dogg – Animorph

Topp Dogg takes the cake in this category for their anniversary album Animorph. With a domino effect of face after face against a space background, it is definitely interesting to look at.

2. Teen Top – Come Into The World

Teen Top and Topp Dogg have similar concepts, although the former is a cleaner alien-type concept than the latter. There’s just something about outerspace concepts that makes graphics designing an even bigger challenge.

Furthermore considering that the members of Teen Top were barely legal when this debut album was released, Come Into The World is uncomfortable in a number of ways.

3. Taemin – Flame Of Love

Ah, Taemin‘s Flame of Love is iconic in the Shawol fandom. With long cursive letters, hyper-realistic roses, and bright blue flames, it’s a solo album for the books.

4. SHINee – Winter Wonderland

SHINee‘s Winter Wonderland is another famous album cover. The members are stuck in a snow globe with very painted-on “snow”. The purple background is also admittedly basic, and the globe itself looks almost like a stock image.

5. SHINee – Boy Meets U

SHINee’s Boy Meets U is a scrapbook-esque type of design that somehow misses its mark. The contrast of colors, the fonts, the images chosen…at least the members look great!

6. Kwan Woo – Musician, Vibe, Passion

Kwan Woo is an indie rap artist who released his album Musician, Vibe, Passion in 2014. While he can spit fire in his verses, his album cover was a bit confusing with too many words and a somewhat messy layout.

7. LC9 – Skirmish

As far as bad graphic designs go, LC9‘s Skirmish is definitely not in the bottom of the list. Sadly, the outer space concept is just somehow difficult to get right, and their neon hair, clothing, and accessories seemed contrasting to the simple boxy layout.

8. GFRIEND – Laughing Out Loud

Finally, GFRIEND‘s Laughing Out Loud took the word “simple” too seriously. Despite the multiple colors used, the album looks almost boring because of its one-dimensional nature. It’s truly a shame because the other version of the album, Lots of Love, looks fairy tale gorgeous.

Source: Reddit