8 Hilarious Taemin Moments That Prove He’s A complete Weirdo

He’s a complete and total weirdo… but we can’t help but love him anyway.

SHINee‘s Taemin is known as the gag man of the group because he does the strangest, funniest and cutest things! The below moments have zero explanation – Taemin is just being Taemin! He’s super weird… but we love him anyway.


1. Taemin’s Strange Concert Antics

SHINee fans may remember, during the SHINee World tour the boys threw plastic balls into the audience. While it may not surprise hard-core Taemin fans who know the maknae likes putting things on his head, Taemin decided to put the empty basket on his head once and dance (or stumble?) with it on…


2. Taemin’s Evil Side

Backstage before a performance on Showbiz Korea, Key showed fans some love my forming a love heart with his hands. Taemin casually broke his heart – and as Key screamed, ‘Ahhh, my heart!’, the camera panned around to show Taemin’s peaceful expression – totally happy with Key’s devastated reaction!


3. Taemin Centre Stage

In 2012 when Taemin rocked some long locks, SHINee appeared on Radio MBC. While his bandmates were showing off their dance skills, Taemin randomly shoved Key out the way to take centre stage with a scream…


4. Taemin The Ant

This other time he was at a concert and tried to steal Minho‘s balls by picking them all up at the same time and running away with them… netizens called him “the ant”.


5. Taemin Hates Clothes

When Taemin decides he doesn’t like wearing shirts and takes his arms out of the sleeves on stage…

Or during an interview… because comfort comes first.


6. Taemin’s Weird Faces

On a variety show, Taemin tried to show off his aegyo, but failed miserably! Even the rest of the group were dumbfounded by his face.


7. Taemin Feeds A Puppet

In yet another silly concert antic, Taemin gives water without hesitation to a doll with a picture of Minho’s face… for an unknown reason.


8.  Taemin’s Funny By Mistake

When Taemin was asked how funny SHINee members thought he was, he answered truthfully… and with a straight face.


These are just the tip of the iceberg… fans have compiled countless moments, so check out some more below!



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