8 Hilarious Times K-Pop Idols Visited Haunted Houses To Get You In The Halloween Spirit

#5 needs to be watched more than once.

Many K-Pop groups will often film reality content where the idols go through a haunted house filled with ghosts, zombies, or other scary things and have their reactions filmed. Fans often find these hilarious and beg their favorites for videos like this.

Here are 8 times K-Pop groups visited haunted houses that will help get you in the Halloween spirit!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

While BLACKPINK as a group have not yet done a haunted house video together, Jennie was able to experience it when she guest starred on an episode of Running Man in 2019. Jennie was terrified throughout the entire episode, something the other cast members found hilarious.


The members of ENHYPEN have visited haunted houses more than once since their debut and each time has been hilarious. From singing “Fever” for no apparent reason to Sunoo getting scared while taking a selfie (and locking his members in a room), their haunted houses are the perfect watch!


The members of SEVENTEEN have greatly different reactions to being inside haunted houses. Members like DK and S.COUPS are hilariously easily frightened while THE8 actually went viral for his non-reactions to the different ghosts throughout the haunted house.


ATEEZ are another group that have gone through haunted houses more than once. It seems like many of the members are easily frightened and serve as some great entertainment for ATINY. The group even went to a haunted house where they had to fight “zombies” to save themselves.

5. BTS

BTS famously visited a haunted house/zombie run in an episode of Run BTS. J-Hope was easily the most scared and created a ton of hilarious moments.

6. IVE

Despite being a newer group, IVE have already released haunted house content! Wonyoung went viral for her reactions even when she wasn’t even being scared!

6. NCT 127

NCT 127 have had experiences with haunted houses on a few occasions. Fans are hopeful that the group will do another soon as their previous ones have been too funny.

7. CIX

The members of CIX had a rough time in their last haunted house special but that made it all the more hilarious for fans.


MAMAMOO have had their own ghost encounters in their dorms meaning they should have been completely ready for their haunted house experience. Instead, the members all had such a difficult time, including Solar needing to be helped by the “ghosts.”