8 Hit Songs That B.I Wrote For Other K-Pop Artists

His talent is behind each one of these songs.

B.I‘s sudden departure from iKON cost iKON their leader, but also one of their most talented songwriters. B.I began writing songs for other artists when he was still a trainee, including these ones.

1. WINNER’s “Empty” (2014)

A year before B.I’s 2015 debut in iKON, he co-wrote the lyrics for “Empty” with WINNER‘s Mino, and iKON’s Bobby. He also co-wrote the music with P.K. “Empty” is one of two singles from WINNER’s debut album, 2014 S/S.

2. Epik High’s “Born Hater” (2014)

“Born Hater” is a single from Epik High‘s eighth Korean studio album, Shoebox. In addition to featuring on the track, B.I co-wrote the lyrics with Tablo, Mithra, Lim Sungbin, Kim Jintae, Mino, and Bobby. He co-composed the music with DJ Tukutz.

3. BLACKPINK’s “Whistle” (2016)

B.I co-wrote the lyrics for “Whistle” with Teddy and Bekuh BOOM for  Square One. “Whistle” won several music show awards on Inkigayo and M Countdown, and it entered at No.2 on Billboard’s “World Digital Songs” chart.

4. PSY’s “Last Scene” (2017)

B.I and PSY co-wrote the lyrics for several songs on PSY’s 2017 album 4×2=8, including this one. 4×2=8, PSY’s seventh studio album was the last one he produced in YG Entertainment.

5. PSY’s “Bomb” (2017)

B.I. wrote the lyrics for 4×2=8’s “Bomb” with J.Y. Park, PSY, Bobby. He also wrote the music with J.Y. Park, PSY, Yoo Gun-hyung, and Bobby.

6. PSY’s “Autoreverse” (2017)

B.I, PSY, and Epik High’s Tablo wrote the lyrics for this song for 4×2=8. 

7. Lee Hi’s “No One” (2019)

This year, Lee Hi made her comeback after a three-year hiatus with her EP 24°C. The lyrics for the EP’s lead single, “No One” were co-written by B.I.

8. Lee Hi’s “1,2” (2019)

B.I. also co-wrote the lyrics for 24°C’s “1,2” with TREASURE‘s Choi Hyunsuk. The song’s music was co-composed by B.I and Kang Uk Jin.