These 8 Hobbies Will Set You Up For Heartbreak As Korean Women Can’t Stand Them

Even you probably have some of these hobbies!

A member of the online community, theqoo, posted a list they found on TV of the 8 things Korean women thought were the worst hobbies for a husband to have. Let’s see what they thought!

1. Fishing

Fishing had mixed reactions, but women mostly hated it because their fathers did it/do it. Some women shared that their dad would wake them up early and bring them fishing on their days off. The others said that there are way too many fish in their refrigerators and freezers, and their whole house smells like fish.

ATEEZ’s Yunho | 도시어부 Grrr/YouTube

2. Obsessed With Anime (Otaku)

The women said enjoying Anime is fine, but taking it too far is too much. One woman said, “Anime is the best… if you don’t sleep on the character pillow.” Other than that, it sounds like the women don’t want their husbands to spend too much money on anime merch.

Poster for the anime God of High School.

3. Motorcycle Lover

The main complaint about this hobby is that it’s dangerous. Cars have a metal frame separating you from the outside, but you can be thrown from a motorcycle very easily. One netizen shared a saying, “For every motorcycle sold, one widow is made.

Jackson from GOT7

4. Game Addict (Applies to both Video Games and Gambling)

For video games, women are only bothered by it if their husbands are addicted to them. If they just like playing them occasionally, then they think it’s okay. For gambling, the women shared that it’s a dangerous habit that can lose a lot of money.

BIGBANG’s T.O.P in Tazza: The Hidden Card | Netflix

5. Car Modification

Car modification takes an enormous amount of time and money. A project could take years to complete and thousands of dollars. Women think that that’s too much.

EXO’s Lay

6. Very Into Cameras

Most of the women were okay with this one except for the fact that cameras cost a lot of money and that their husbands will take too many pictures instead of doing things.

BTS’s V | @bts_twt/Twitter

7. Figurine Collector

Once again, this one is mostly about the fact that figurines cost a lot of money and take up a lot of space in the house.

Superman figurine | Eaglemoss

8. Raising Rare/Exotic Animals

This was okay for most women unless the animal was dangerous or endangered.

A pet Fennec Fox | Love to Know
Source: theqoo
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