8 Idols Who Rocked The Converse Run Star In Totally Different Ways

No wonder people can’t get enough of these shoes!

Converse have been around for decades, starting off as a shoe for athletes before shifting to more casual wear, and falling into favor among artists and musicians.

The classic Chuck Taylor All Stars was designed 1922 and named after basketball player and salesman, Chuck Taylor. | Converse

Everyone knows the classic Chuck Taylor design, but the newer Run Star series has been taking the world by storm!

The Run Star Hike is part of a collaboration with JW Anderson. | Converse

Tons of K-Pop idols have been rocking the Run Star Hike and the Run Star Motion.

The Run Star Motion features a more dramatic sole than the Run Star Hike. | Converse

Here’s a list of some idols who sported some Converse and totally made it their own!

1. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

As the ambassador for Converse, Seulgi has to start off the list! With her stunning visuals and modeling skills, Seulgi proved she’s the perfect fit for the shoe brand.

Seulgi wearing the Run Star Hike.

She can take the shoe from super sporty to effortlessly stylish, like when she wore a pair of the low-tops with some wide denim pants and an oversized flannel.


Many of the STRAY KIDS members have worn the Run Star Hike, but Han is definitely credited with popularizing the shoe, especially among STAY!

Here, he wore a pair of skinny black pants, an oversized button-up, and a beret, paired with the high-top shoes for that streetwear edge.

Han wearing a pair of Run Star Hikes.

Tons of fans have gotten the shoes thanks to Han, and the reviews on the Converse website even shout out the band!

A fan left a review on the Converse website.

3. Jennie (BLACKPINK)

Jennie was seen wearing the Run Star Hike at the airport, and she totally gave the sneakers a new vibe!

Jennie wearing a pair of the Converse sneakers.

With an asymmetrical Chanel top and wide-legged trousers, the Converse give the chic idol an effortlessly stylish look.

4. Somi

Somi dressed up the sky-high Run Star Motion sneakers when she paired them with a little black dress!

Somi wearing the Run Star Motion high-top shoes.

The white socks peeking out the top are an adorable addition to this girly and comfortable outfit.

5. Jeongyeon (TWICE)

Jeongyeon matched these blue and beige Run Star Hikes with an oversized blazer, and blended street style with a light academia aesthetic!

Jeongyeon wearing a pair of the white and blue Run Star Hike.

6. Kim Wooseok

Kim Wooseok has rocked the Run Star Hike shoes multiple times, and with different aesthetics! Here he paired a grey pair of the sneakers with some loose, light wash jeans and a white t-shirt for that vintage-inspired feel.

Kim Wooseok wearing grey Run Star Hikes.

And he also partnered a purple version with a bold, all-pastel outfit!

7. Suho (EXO)

Suho proved denim on denim is absolutely a look when he sported this outfit!

Suho wearing high-top Run Star Hikes.

With the glasses and the classic black Run Star Hike, it’s giving casual and chic all at once.

8. Jungkook

In a photoshoot for BTS’s 2021 Festa, Jungkook went monochromatic with his fit and topped it off with a pair of the blue Run Star Hike shoes!

Left to right: Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jin, Suga, and RM.

All the members wore Converse, but the Run Star really gives Jungkook that extra inch…(sorry for the pun, I had to!)