8 idols with unique microphones that perfectly match their personality

K-pop idols often customize their personal microphones to show their various personalities and tastes. It may not seem big, but idols spend bank on customizing their microphones to bring to high-quality sound to the stage and build their identity. Here are 8 idols who use their unique microphone!

1. G-Dragon

G-Dragon’s is a gold-colored microphone with a dragon-shaped microphone stand. It definitely matches his extravagant image and the dragon that he is.

2. IU

IU has been using her purple microphone since 2014. It best fits her “Palette” lyrics: “Rather than hot pink, I like a deep purple.

3. Park Hyo Shin

Much like his secretive private life and crystal clear voice, Park Hyo Shin prefers a white mic.

4. Zico

Zico has two customized microphones: red and yellow.  It perfectly embodies his two types of songs, red-hot fierce and yellow mellow.

5. Tiffany

Tiffany bedazzled her black microphone with glitters, just like her classic beauty with that dazzling x-factor!


When promoting as BIGBANG, the members all uniformed into one color: silver. Much like the bright star they are in the K-Pop industry!


The HIGHLIGHT brothers also uninformed with silver, but kept their individual styles with their own signature color. They each have their own style of music, but come together as a group with once voice!


Much like their roles as YG Princesses, BLACKPINK uniform with pink mics!

Microphones are not the only item that idols customize. Check out which idols are using customized in-ear monitors!

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